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Question: Favorite text editor? :: Total Votes:55
Poll choices Votes Statistics
vim 30  [54.55%]
emacs 5  [9.09%]
nano 13  [23.64%]
Something else 7  [12.73%]
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faroutscience Offline

Group: Members
Posts: 82
Joined: Aug. 2005
Posted: Feb. 03 2006,00:35 QUOTE

I was forced to learn vi during a c and unix course at UNF in the early 90s. I never would have tried it if I hadn't been forced. I now use it for most things. It is small quick and almost everywhere.

I use jed if I want something fancy. I keep trying to use emacs. I even have the manual from FSF. It's just a pain in the neck to remember all of the ctl-alt-esc etc. key sequences. I still use it from time to time especially emacspeak due to my low vision. xemacs is a little easier but then you get into the middle of a squabble much like that of g95.

And I do remember the old 300 baud days. I still have a Model 100 and an Intel 2400 baud modem! My old Compuserve account was: 70035,1412  

Does anyone remember TAPCIS?


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cbagger01 Offline

Group: Members
Posts: 4264
Joined: Oct. 2003
Posted: Feb. 03 2006,05:13 QUOTE

You could afford compuserve?!?!?

If I remember correctly, at one time it was something ridiculous like 8-12 bucks per HOUR of usage.

The only way I could ever play with compuserve and my TRS-80 Color Computer 2 and 300 baud modem was to convince the local Radio Shack sales guy to tell me the number and password for their DEMO account for that month.

Back then, the equation was:

junior high/high school kid + no job = no money

no money = no compuserve

Luckily, most of the nearby BBSes were free, and also within my local (not long distance) calling area.

How about a big shout out for


The BBS-based national e-mail network that required each BBS owner to call up the BBS owner in the next County and transfer a few messages back and forth at 3AM in the morning.

You could send an e-mail from the east coast to Texas in 7 days or so, which was around the same speed as snail mail.

I gotta thank those BBS owners who paid the bills for such a system.  A 2nd phone line and the long distance charges plus a decent home computer and AUTO-ANSWER modem back then was a big expense.
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humpty Offline

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Posts: 655
Joined: Sep. 2005
Posted: Feb. 03 2006,06:01 QUOTE

vim - cos it's the only decent one there. Is it only me that thinks Beaver should be replaced? ???
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adssse Offline

Group: Members
Posts: 505
Joined: Mar. 2005
Posted: Feb. 09 2006,20:13 QUOTE

I use vim for most things. I enjoy getting down and dirty in the terminal alot of times instead of using a gui editor.

I actually like beaver. It does what I need and is pretty lightweight compared to some others.
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_pathos Offline

Group: Members
Posts: 91
Joined: Aug. 2005
Posted: Feb. 28 2006,09:52 QUOTE

vim ftw.

beaver is great. I learnt linux with dsl and without beaver I wouldn't be here. You need the gui's for the noobs.
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