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Topic: how do i start apps WITHOUT window borders?, tried to do this with jwm and fluxbox< Next Oldest | Next Newest >
mark_one Offline

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Joined: Nov. 2005
Posted: Dec. 24 2005,13:34 QUOTE

hi there.

so here is what i want to do:
booting dsl...starting firefox in full screen mode WITHOUT ANY borders , so the user neither is able to drag the window around nor minimize it.

this is what i tried so far:

i was able to get rid of the buttons in the the titlebar. what didn't work was to disable the toolbar, although i set
session.screen0.toolbar.visible:    false
what i know is that it's possible to toggle window decorations using
Shift t   :ToggleDecor
or something like that in the 'keys' file. the problem is that i don't want the user to press the buttons but to start the apps without any borders by default. i searched through the net for apps to initiate the keyboard event automatically but i wasn't successful. though, i found xnee (a GNU project), which is able to record xsessions and to replay them. but it's full of bugs and doesn't work well (in my case).

another windowmanager, same problem. it's possible to start for example xterm or aterm without borders by default, using the
<Group> tags inside .jwmrc.
but that doesn't work for firefox or dillo or any other browser. using the <Border> tag, it's just possible to set the border width to a minimum of 3 and the height to a minimum of 2. that isn't very helpful because as i already  mentioned: i want to get rid of the window decorations.

so... does anyone know how to start a browser without any
window decorations?
of course i could use fvwm, but since fluxbox and jwm are already integrated into dsl, that would be much more work.

please help!!!

edit: a merry christmas and a happy new year to all of you !!! :-)


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sjborch Offline

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Joined: Feb. 2004
Posted: Dec. 29 2005,00:43 QUOTE

ratpoison runs with all windows maximized and no decorations.
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dare2dreamer Offline

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Joined: Feb. 2005
Posted: Dec. 29 2005,05:04 QUOTE

As does matchbox, if you need more functionality.

I've used both to great success in kiosk systems.

If you do decide to go with ratpoison, you might have a look at this for some ideas on how to lock down the system a bit:

Good luck!

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skaos Offline

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Joined: April 2004
Posted: Dec. 31 2005,19:54 QUOTE

You don't need a window manager at all, only an X-server and firefox. I don't remember the specifics, but I think that you have to edit .Xinitrc (or is it .xserverrc?) where you replace the start of the vindow manager with firefox (which you have to start with the same size/resolution as the X-server).

You could also take a look at:
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thank you very much!!

Posted: Jan. 03 2006,12:57 QUOTE


thank you very much!!! your tipps are very helpful. that's exactly what i was looking for!!!


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Quick Reply: how do i start apps WITHOUT window borders?

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