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roberts Offline

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Posted: Nov. 22 2007,00:51 QUOTE

One of my goals for DSL v4 was to achieve Drag-N-Drop folder/document view (similiar to RISCOS/OS2).
Some have expressed dismay or voiced their difficulties with the change in perspective that this presents.
Some just don't like desktop icons period.

Many prefer right click root window manager application menu.
Yet, I hear that desktop icons get covered up by running applications. But so it also is with right click root menus.

Therefore, it would seem that a two panel capable window manager would solve the issue of  "covered up root screen" and "covered up desktop icons" while still supporting application launcher icons.

So if you ....

Don't like desktop icons?
Don't like double click?
Don't like drag-n-drop?
Don't like folder/document view?
Don't like Dfm?

Prefer DSL v3.x application launcher style icons?
Prefer single click?
Don't want icons or menu to be covered up by running applications.

Then take a look here.

The centered bottom panel includes all the base DSL application launcher icons that were on the v3.x desktop. The top panel provides the page and task bar. This new desktop is really just JWM with two trays and of course noicons. dfm is not running.

The contents of my .desktop
wm: jwm

Or boot with noicons options.

This is simple to setup and use with v4.x. Below is the .jwmrc-tray file. This file is in /home/dsl/

Code Sample

  <Tray  x="0" y="0" height="24">
     <!-- Additional Pager attributes; width, height -->

     <TrayButton popup="Show Desktop" label="_">showdesktop</TrayButton>

     <!-- Additional TaskList attribute: maxwidth -->


     <!-- Additional Swallow attribute: height -->
     <!-- uncomment this section for xload to appear
     <Swallow name="xload" width="64">
        xload -nolabel -bg black -fg red -hl white


  <!-- Additional tray attributes: autohide, width, border, layer, layout -->
  <Tray  x="0" y="-1" height="32" halign="center">
    <!-- Additional TrayButton attribute: label -->
    <TrayButton popup="Menu Options" label="DSL">root:1</TrayButton>
    <TrayButton popup="Terminal" icon="aterm.xpm">exec:aterm -T "Bash" -e /bin/bash</TrayButton>
    <TrayButton popup="Editor" icon="edit.xpm">exec:beaver</TrayButton>
    <TrayButton popup="Control Panel" icon="cpanel.xpm">exec:cpanel.lua</TrayButton>
    <TrayButton popup="Simple Browser" icon="dillo.xpm">exec:dillo</TrayButton>
    <TrayButton popup="Sound Control" icon="dmix.xpm">exec:dmix</TrayButton>
    <TrayButton popup="File Manager" icon="filemgr.xpm">exec:emelfm</TrayButton>
    <TrayButton popup="Firefox" icon="firefox.xpm">exec:firefox</TrayButton>
    <TrayButton popup="FTP" icon="ftp.xpm">exec:axyftp</TrayButton>
    <TrayButton popup="Rdesktop" icon="network2.xpm">exec:rdesktop.lua</TrayButton>
    <TrayButton popup="Spreadsheet" icon="spreadsheet.xpm">exec:siag</TrayButton>
    <TrayButton popup="Email" icon="mail.xpm">exec:sylpheed</TrayButton>
    <TrayButton popup="Word Processor" icon="wp.xpm">exec:Ted</TrayButton>
    <TrayButton popup="VNCviewer"icon="vnc.xpm">exec:vncviewer</TrayButton>
    <TrayButton popup="Xmms Media Player" icon="xmms.xpm">exec:xmms</TrayButton>
    <TrayButton popup="Paint" icon="xpaint.xpm">exec:xpaint</TrayButton>
    <TrayButton popup="PDF viewer" icon="pdf.xpm">exec:xpdf</TrayButton>
    <TrayButton popup="Image Viewer" icon="picture.xpm">exec:xzgv</TrayButton>
    <TrayButton popup="Exit Options" icon="exit.xpm">exec:exit.lua</TrayButton>


Let me know what you think?
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curaga Offline

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Posted: Nov. 22 2007,16:30 QUOTE

Nice, but torsmo gets under the top panel?

There's no such thing as life. Those mean little jocks invented it ;)
Windows is not a virus. A virus does something!
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roberts Offline

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Joined: Oct. 2003
Posted: Nov. 22 2007,17:17 QUOTE

.torsmorc is also in your home directory.
Simply adjust:
# Gap between borders of screen and text
gap_x 12
gap_y 12

to your needs.

Sames goes true for the width of the top panel in .jwmrc-tray.
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roberts Offline

Group: Members
Posts: 4983
Joined: Oct. 2003
Posted: Nov. 22 2007,17:53 QUOTE

BTW, I used two panels so that it would work well at 640x480 and 800x600 resolutions. Using one panel is not enough at these lower resolutions.
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humpty Offline

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Posted: Nov. 22 2007,18:33 QUOTE

asides from the bottom part looking a bit like a mac, i prefer the
launch buttons on the right hand side. seems a waste of the length
of the screen to me.
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