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mikshaw Offline

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Posted: Feb. 03 2008,14:39 QUOTE

I don't understand why you redirect every command to the same file. This can be much more easily/cleanly accomplished by putting the list of commands into a separate file (without the redirects) and putting this one command in bootlocal:
/path/to/my/ >/diagdata.txt

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lucky13 Offline

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Posted: Feb. 03 2008,15:23 QUOTE

Doesn't stats.lua put a log file of nearly all of this (or more) in ~/ when it's run anyway? Why not just put stats.lua in your

contains information that may be helpful and may be copied and pasted to the board.

Do we want to have to pick through newbies flooding the forum with every intricate detail of their systems when their problems are most often minor? I'll speak for  myself: I don't. Maybe others are more interested in TMI, but I'd rather ask for and get specific information.

"It felt kind of like having a pitbull terrier on my rear end."
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roberts Offline

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Posted: Feb. 03 2008,15:52 QUOTE

I agree with Lucky13 on both points. This seems to be a duplication of stats.txt which is automatically created upon demand by clicking on System Stats from the DSLpanel.
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spark-o-matic Offline

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Posted: Feb. 03 2008,18:56 QUOTE

I Edited.  I Agree, it could bog down the boards.

I Did look at DSL System Stats before using this myself, but was completly unaware that it could/does generate a file.  I did spend several weeks reading the forum and Wiki, including the rules, before making my first post.

There is a lot of very useful information in the Wiki and this forum, But it can be spread every where and take several attempts to get the right search string that does not produce 200+ results or nothing.  Other people have commented on this.

I would like to continue on.


The smartest person is not the person who knows the most.  
The smartest person is the one who knows which book to look in.
Community knowledge can be the sum of it's knowledge or the sum of it's ignorance
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WDef Offline

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Posted: Feb. 03 2008,19:41 QUOTE

It's true Sparks that a large part of the 'learning linux' process is in fact "learning how to find  information/solutions', especially when teaching oneself.

I spent many hours searching the dsl forum to get answers (most of which were there) when I first started, and I daresay it's the same for most people.  Even *nix veterans have to do a bit of this, since every system/distro has its own peculiarities.  It does get a lot easier with time, but it never ends as long as you're developing your skills.  Also, the lack of decent help documentation for even highly developed *nix projects (such as KDE) can be dumbfounding, and in part I think is a cultural problem in the *nix and open source world, and the fact that writing good documentation is both technically quite difficult , unsexy, and requires a different skillset to coding. (Which is why documentation writers are paid roughly the same as coders).

Unfortunately the DSL Wiki is a bit underdeveloped, which is everybody's fault here in this forum (tcchh!!)

BTW this is one reason I like Perl: because its docs are so superb.  Really I've never seen anything as good, as interesting or as clear as the Perl documentation - it's a masterpiece and whoever in the Perl team is responsible deserves the highest accolades.
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