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SaidinUnleashed Offline

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Posted: Nov. 13 2005,04:36 QUOTE

Look at what I have in the twm extension. It's pretty simple to do.

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roberts Offline

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Posted: Nov. 13 2005,18:37 QUOTE

If you want to have a root window pop menu, then simply remove the onroot="false" from the Root Menu tag of the .jwmrc file.

I anchored it so that it would not conflict with clicking on the icons.

Also, when editing the rc file .jwmrc then you can "test" it by running the command jwm -p
This will show errors before you restart the window manager!
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jwm advocate Offline

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Posted: Nov. 14 2005,22:40 QUOTE

you can split the main jwmrc file into several parts/files in a way to seperate the menu from the settings and other sections.  this is a good way to get organized.
in the .jwmrc you can just use the include tag to combine all the files into a usable file for JWM.

example i have a folder in $HOME called .jwm/themes and .jwm/config/
in .jwm/config/ i have all the different parts of the original jwmrc.

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matrulesok Offline

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Posted: Nov. 27 2005,14:51 QUOTE

Is there any way of incoporating the fluxbox wm apps into jwm?? i would really like to be able to see net traffic and the cpu load box is too slow. I had a look around and tried using "swallow", but i failed to get it to work, other than this, jwm is cool!

p.s. I cant see any help in the config section of the jwm site for the "load" tag - am i missing somthing??

Thanks for any help!
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mikshaw Offline

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Posted: Nov. 27 2005,15:04 QUOTE

JWM doesn't have a slit or dock, so they will open in their own windows.  You will also need to change the commandline parameters of some of them in order to have them load properly, remove "-withdrawn" from the wmnet command for example.  I can't remember fully what changes need to be done, but i'd suggest running each application from a terminal while testing.  You can find the commands listed in .xinitrc.

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