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lucky13 Offline

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Posted: Dec. 08 2007,17:25 QUOTE

Ping Juanito. The thread for March is closed, but I have a question about one of your submissions.

Does your ntfsprogs extension use XFS? I loaded ntfsprogs.dsl to my hard drive install of DSL 4.0 release. I didn't know DSL had XFS, but now I have it and have XFS daemons running.

When booting DSL (4.0, 4.1) on CD or frugal, I don't have XFS in /proc/filesystems. The only other filesystem progs extension I've added is sshfs/fuse, and that doesn't give me XFS or start any daemons. I haven't had a chance to use ntfsprogs yet so I'm kind of befuddled where the XFS daemons came from. Is it resulting from the ntfsprogs.dsl extension?


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Juanito Offline

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Posted: Dec. 09 2007,04:21 QUOTE

If XFS is included it wasn't intentional...

Seriously, as far as I remember, the extension contains various ntfs utilities and the library - all of which could probably use some stripping since this was made before I knew about that.

Maybe one of these days, I'll update to the latest version and repackage as a uci :)
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Juanito Offline

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Posted: Dec. 09 2007,11:14 QUOTE

Note that hplip.uci supercedes hplip.tar.gz so hplip.tar.gz can be deleted.

After testing, it looks like bluez-utils.uci does everything that bluez-utils.dsl does, so bluez-utils.dsl can be deleted.

I managed to get alsa_bluezsco.dsl to work with bluez-utils.uci but am still struggling to incorporate this into bluez-utils.uci so alsa_bluezsco.dsl should stay for a while yet.
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roberts Offline

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Posted: Dec. 09 2007,17:13 QUOTE

Now posted cvs.uci

Thanks to Juanito we have a cvs client.

Also deleted hplip.tar.gz and bluez-utils.dsl per request.
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stupid_idiot Offline

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Posted: Dec. 10 2007,14:09 QUOTE

For tomorrow (hopefully):
(1) multimedia
ffmpeg.tar.gz [~30K]
ffmpeg2theora.tar.gz [~20K]
mencoder.tar.gz [~140K]
mplayer.tar.gz [~160K] (replaces 'mplayer-nogui.dsl')
vlc.uci [~730K]
mm-base.uci [~3.4M] (base libraries and files)
-- BTW: Bitstream Vera [72K] makes a great-looking subtitle font.

(2) GTK2
gtk2-core.unc [~1.7M] (required by VLC)
gtk2-core-dev.unc [~400K]

(3) wxWidgets, and related
libwxgtk1.uci [~1.6M] (replaces current version; configuration changed)
libwxgtk1-dev.uci [~800K]
libwxgtk2.uci [~1.7M] (aside from toolkit difference, configuration is identical to 'libwxgtk1.uci')
libwxgtk2-dev.uci [~800K]
-- Note: The decrease in size from the current 'libwxgtk1.uci' [1.8M] is due to compiling with '-fno-exceptions' (by passing '--enable-no_exceptions' and '--disable-exceptions' to 'configure'). '-fno-rtti' can reduce size further, but some apps (e.g. amule) need RTTI to be enabled in the library in order to compile.
amule-gtk1.uci [~1.2M] (replaces 'amule.dsl')
xchm.tar.gz [~100K] (replaces 'xchm.dsl')

(4) codecs
codecs-misc.uci [4.3M] (replaces 'codecs-win32.uci')
codecs-QT.uci [2.1M] (replaces 'codecs-qtx.uci')
codecs-RM.tar.gz [160K] (replaces 'codecs-real.uci')
codecs-WM.uci [1.8M] (replaces 'codecs-wmp.uci')

Very sorry for so many sudden changes.
Many apologies.

Edited on 2007/12/13.
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