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^thehatsrule^ Offline

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Posted: Dec. 11 2006,05:56 QUOTE

Yes, as long as the files don't overlap.

For example, when you use XFree86.dsl, you can remove /usr/X11R6/bin/XFree86
but if you will encounter problems (I think after loading other .dsl's which makes /usr writeable) using XFree86.unc and then trying to remove that.

Previously anything on /ramdisk was pretty much was editable - but this is what I found out so far.
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clivesay Offline

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Posted: Dec. 11 2006,12:24 QUOTE


How about using WDef's dsl2unc script to convert those files and see what happens? With the conversion script, I'm not sure there's any need to run a mixture of dsl and unc.

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roberts Offline

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Posted: Dec. 11 2006,16:54 QUOTE

Not intended to run both.
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Juanito Offline

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Posted: Dec. 12 2006,18:45 QUOTE

As a test, I tried a couple of things:

1. I downloaded gnu-utils.unc and this seems to work fine along with XFree86.unc - however, I still have the same problems if I try to load a dsl package after that.

2. I tried out the dsl2unc script on a simple dsl package but it only partially worked. Its seems to have a problem with anything in /usr/:

# /opt/dsl2unc /mnt/sda1/optional/acpid.dsl  

Making acpid.unc from acpid.dsl ..

tar: usr/sbin: Cannot mkdir: Not a directory
tar: usr/sbin/acpid: Cannot open: Not a directory
tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors
Total translation table size: 0
Total rockridge attributes bytes: 1348
Total directory bytes: 8192
Path table size(bytes): 62
[ 9] Block#     0 size  65536 ->   1734 [compression ratio   2%, overall:   2%]
Finished. Now test your new acpid.unc! [doesn't work]

Just in case my DSL installation is somehow "broken" I tried this out with DSL-N with the same results. Any ideas?

Since the acpid daemon is essentially two files:


I copied these two files to /temp/acpid and then tried:

# mkisofs -R -hide-rr-moved -cache-inodes -pad /temp/acpid/ | create_compressed_fs - 65536 > acpid.unc

When I load the resulting acpid.unc, it appears to work.
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ke4nt1 Offline

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Posted: Dec. 12 2006,20:22 QUOTE

I couldn't find a acpid.dsl in the repository,
so I'm guessing here a bit about the contents of your .dsl ...

:If I understand the creation of .dsl's correctly:

These lines I have marked with a *
should not exist in your .dsl extension.

*tar: usr/sbin: Cannot mkdir: Not a directory
*tar: usr/sbin/acpid: Cannot open: Not a directory

It should look like this when you output the unpacking of
the .dsl to a list. ( tar -ztf acpid.dsl > filelist.txt )


If it doesn't, edit your list to only include these files,
and not directories.
(rare exception, an absent AND empty AND required directory.)

Then remake your .dsl using your new filelist.txt as your guide.
"tar -T filelist.lst --no-recursion -cvf- | gzip > acpid.dsl"

Then, see if your newly rebuilt extension passes
the test, and works with the dsl2unc script.

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