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jpeters Offline

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Posted: Feb. 25 2007,09:03 QUOTE

I added "mydsl-load /mnt/hda3/myapp.uci"  to the /opt/ file.
The app loaded correctly into the /opt directory, although without a mydsl start button. How do I start the apt?  (starting from the xterm doesn't seem to work).
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mikshaw Offline

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Posted: Feb. 25 2007,14:52 QUOTE

probably depends upon the application itself. If it's not a graphical application it may not have an icon.
The command will probably (but not definitely) be /opt/myapp/bin/myapp, but you may need to refer to the file in case there are some special steps to perform.

By the way, there tpically isn't any need to load mydsl apps from a startup script, since DSL is already configured to check for them during the boot process (boot option mydsl=devicename).

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sheldonisaac Offline

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Posted: Feb. 25 2007,19:16 QUOTE

Folks, I'm very new at using myDSL, and have been struggling.

Here's what just happened today:

I downloaded a new .uci, and at present it's in  /mnt/hda4/temp-dir

I did

mydsl-load   /mnt/hda4/temp-dir/xpdf-3.01pl2.uci

And somehow eventually found out that apparently makes a symlink in
/usr/local/bin , which is on the path:

/usr/local/bin> ls -alt | more
drwxr-xr-x    2 root     root         2880 Feb 25 14:01 .
lrwxrwxrwx    1 root     root           23 Feb 25 14:01 xpdf3 -> /opt/xpdf-3.01pl2/xpdf3
drwxr-xr-x   26 root     root          280 Feb 25 14:00 ..

So if one runs the command   xpdf3

the program opens.

And if one says

xpdf3  path-to/filename.pdf

the file opens
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roberts Offline

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Posted: Feb. 25 2007,19:34 QUOTE

First you are talking about an extension, i.e., user contributed.
Second, an extension that is currently in the testing area.
Even more important to read the readme.

Compliant extenions usually offer at least a menu option unless they are intended to be used as command line utitlity, usually advanced tools for experienced users.

Now, after reading your post, it sounds to me like this extension is not compliant, as it would require unionfs, or mkwriteable.

uci extensions by definition are self contained.

uci extensions should work and be tested by booting as follows:

boot: dsl base norestore legacy

That is the acid test for an extension to be called uci

When I have time, I will look more into this particular submitted extension.
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WDef Offline

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Posted: Feb. 25 2007,21:49 QUOTE

It's best if uci binaries get symlinked into /opt/bin to put them in PATH where that's needed.

/opt is writeable.
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