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roberts Offline

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Posted: May 30 2006,02:45 QUOTE

Release Candidate One for DSL v 3.0 is now posted here.

Change Log for DSL-3.0RC1

1. New unionfs as a boot option
2. New mountable MyDSL extension type unc with automatic branch management.
3. Adjust Getting Started/Dillo screen to support booting 640x480
4. Added ACPI modules for newer power managment support
5. New FUSE support
6. New sshfs support
7. Fixed bug in kbdconfig when changing keymaps.
8. New theme "A Penguin with a Hat"
9. New sample unc extensions, abiword, cups, and opera852

Edited by roberts on May 30 2006,03:11
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roberts Offline

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Joined: Oct. 2003
Posted: May 30 2006,03:05 QUOTE

Developer Notes Concerning DSL v3.0.

Note this is a "dot oh" release and an "RC1" as well, so test carefully. Most of the changes are for the deployment of unionfs which only occurs upon issuance of the boot code "unionfs".

Thanks to clacker and JB4X4 for their initial contributions regarding unionfs. I was still under the impression that unionfs was still be to rough around the edges. However...

I have been studying unionfs and how best to deploy it on DSL. In particular, how best to deploy for maximum capabilites on the ultra-low end machines.  First of all we are not "moving to unionfs" like all the other distros seem to be doing. In fact it is an optional choice (for now anyways), a boot option. It's deployment is primarily targeted for a new extension type called unc. This new extension type may possibly obsolete the .dsl extension type and thus drastically reduce the memory requirements that .dsl's currently demand. This allows for even small machines to use Abiword, Cups, Opera, etc, because these extensions can now be used as "compressed mountable overlay images". I have adjusted many programs to make the creation and use of the unc type extension simple. Simply use the existing mydsl-load as you would for a uci. Their "package management" is entirely contained within the base DSL. We may possibly depreciate the memory hungry .dsl extensions. This is what I have always wanted to achieve. Having a small useful base as we do, and then just mounting additional apps as needed. This also means that we finally do have "package management". Just "unmount them" via our standard mydsl-load procedures.!

I have watched the board and seen the frustration of low memory users forced into a traditional hard drive install becuase they could not run Abiword as a dsl extension. I have seen the repeated requests for more uci type extensions. Yet we know the difficulties associated with trying to provide such. The new unc extensions satisfy both of these situations.

Also new in this release, thanks to clacker, again. Is fuse and sshfs. This provides a very simple network remote mounts without NFS or the need to install anything on the remote host. Very cool.

Also, I finally added the acpi power management modules. On older computers, like mine, I need to boot with acpi=force.


Edited by roberts on May 30 2006,03:07
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kerry Offline

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Posted: May 30 2006,03:36 QUOTE

I wish i had seen this earlier, i just wasted hours with dsl-n rc1. I finally  just snapped that cd in half and chuked it. OOH, i hate that one. Thanks
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kerry Offline

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Posted: May 30 2006,04:29 QUOTE

#1. myDSL menu dosen't work.
#2. When you use emelfm super user the icon will no longer launch the regular emelfm, it only launches root after that.(Fluck?)
#3. On the third reboot emelfm was switching back and fourth between dsl and root when you click the icon(weird)?

To be continued...

On the + side
The myDSL menu works perfectly from my usb at start.
On this boot(4th) with mydsl's loaded from usb,the emelfm icon is working correctly.
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kerry Offline

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Joined: April 2006
Posted: May 30 2006,05:09 QUOTE

The new theme is better than the purple, but it's so dark and small. I would really like to see something brighter like the fizzure2 style with a brighter background.-> Fizzure2 snkmchnb
edited by SaidinUnleashed 08.23.2005
style.comments: changed gradient color to matc the xmms theme

toolbar: raised gradient vertical
toolbar.color: #fefefe
toolbar.colorTo: #a6a6a6
toolbar.justify: center
toolbar.textcolor: #000000
toolbar.roundCorners: TopRight TopLeft BottomRight BottomLeft
toolbar.button: raised gradient vertical
toolbar.button.color: #fefefe
toolbar.button.colorTo: #a6a6a6
toolbar.button.picColor: #000000
toolbar.button.pressed: sunken gradient diagonal
toolbar.button.pressed.color: #a6a6a6
toolbar.button.pressed.colorTo: #fefefe
toolbar.shaped: TRUE
toolbar.clock: sunken gradient vertical
toolbar.clock.color: #4184de
toolbar.clock.colorTo: #2152c5
toolbar.clock.textColor: #fefefe

toolbar.label: sunken gradient vertical
toolbar.label.color: #4184de
toolbar.label.colorTo: #2152c5
toolbar.label.textColor: #fefefe

toolbar.windowLabel: sunken gradient vertical
toolbar.windowLabel.color: #4184de
toolbar.windowLabel.colorTo: #2152c5
toolbar.windowLabel.textColor: #fefefe

menu.title: sunken gradient vertical
menu.title.color: #4184de
menu.title.colorTo: #2152c5
menu.title.textColor: #fefefe
menu.title.justify: center

menu.frame: raised gradient vertical
menu.frame.color: #fefefe
menu.frame.colorTo: #a6a6a6
menu.frame.textColor: #000000
menu.frame.justify: left

menu.hilite: sunken gradient vertical
menu.hilite.color: #4184de
menu.hilite.colorTo: #2152c5
menu.hilite.textColor: #fefefe
menu.roundCorners: TopRight TopLeft BottomRight BottomLeft
menu.bullet: circle
menu.bullet.position: right

window.justify: center

window.title.focus: raised gradient vertical
window.title.focus.color: #fefefe
window.title.focus.colorTo: #a6a6a6
window.title.unfocus: raised gradient vertical
window.title.unfocus.color: #fefefe
window.title.unfocus.colorTo: #a6a6a6

window.label.focus: sunken gradient vertical
window.label.focus.color: #4184de
window.label.focus.colorTo: #2152c5
window.label.focus.textColor: #fefefe
window.label.unfocus: parentrelative
window.label.unfocus.color: #fefefe
window.label.unfocus.colorTo: #a6a6a6
window.label.unfocus.textColor: #000000

window.button.focus: raised gradient vertical
window.button.focus.color: #fefefe
window.button.focus.colorTo: #a6a6a6
window.button.focus.picColor: #000000
window.button.unfocus: raised gradient vertical
window.button.unfocus.color: #fefefe
window.button.unfocus.colorTo: #a6a6a6
window.button.unfocus.picColor: #000000
window.button.pressed: sunken gradient diagonal
window.button.pressed.color: #a6a6a6
window.button.pressed.colorTo: #fefefe

window.frame.focusColor: #a6a6a6
window.frame.unfocusColor: #a6a6a6

window.handle.focus: raised gradient vertical
window.handle.focus.color: #fefefe
window.handle.focus.colorTo: #a6a6a6
window.handle.unfocus: raised gradient vertical
window.handle.unfocus.color: #fefefe
window.handle.unfocus.colorTo: #a6a6a6

window.grip.focus: sunken gradient vertical
window.grip.focus.color: #4184de
window.grip.focus.colorTo: #2152c5
window.grip.unfocus: raised gradient vertical
window.grip.unfocus.color: #fefefe
window.grip.unfocus.colorTo: #a6a6a6

borderColor: #a6a6a6

bevelWidth: 2
borderWidth: 1
handleWidth: 5
window.roundCorners: TopRight TopLeft BottomRight BottomLeft
*Font:                          -*-helvetica-*-r-*-*-12-*-*-*-*-*-*-*

rootCommand: xsri --scale-width=100 --scale-height=100 ~/.fluxbox/backgrounds/endlessblue.jpg

The background->
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