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Key Offline

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Posted: Nov. 10 2006,20:26 QUOTE

Quote (roberts @ Nov. 10 2006,13:42)
Key, This is not really an RC issue. But nevertheless, I did try with USB-ZIP write protected and write protected boot floppy. Worked just fine. I know my write protect switch is functioning, as USB-ZIP creates two partitions. When I try to mount the second partition, it gives the warning about a write-protected device. I use the standard boot floppy with the fromusb boot option. Also was able to boot directly from write protected USB-ZIP. It's too bad that there are not better standards in usb booting from the actual pendrives, geometry and sometimes hidden drives, to the computer bios and their ability to find and boot based on the myriad of these drive parameters. Reminds me of the early days of cdrom drives and each needed their own dos drivers.

Thank you for your investigations in this case, roberts, although this is of course no RC issue.

But now I know, that it must work in some way.

I will buy another write-protectable usb-pen, get the latest DSL version and use the fromusb boot option with a standard boot floppy. Hope it will work then.

Thanks again
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bokaroseani Offline

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Posted: Nov. 13 2006,19:09 QUOTE

Quote (roberts @ Nov. 07 2006,14:21)
Quote (bokaroseani @ Nov. 07 2006,06:27)
What is "fuse system"? What is the new cheat code "fuse" for?

Fuse, Filesysem in User Space. DSL provides sshfs which is a very easy alternative to NFS. sshfs requires fuse before it will function. Therefore it is desireable to have fuse ready to go upon bootup. I reguarly use sshfs from DSL machine to DSL machine. On some DSL thin clients I "mount" network drives this way.

I wish and hope some description of FUSE cheatcode and what it does will be added in the wiki too.
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roberts Offline

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Posted: Nov. 13 2006,19:34 QUOTE

Perhaps this thread will get you going on using sshfs
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evilbstrd666 Offline

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Posted: Nov. 13 2006,20:55 QUOTE

Not sure if this is an RC issue, but I finally got my regular notebook back up and running after replacing it's damaged power socket.  Using the same drivers for my Linksys Wireless card (WPC54G ver3) that was working back with RC1, ndiswrapper won't connect.  I know I am on the fringe of the network, but Windoze will connect, and RC1 was working better than Windoze did as far as connecting to this network.  I'll grab my RC1 disk and test if that one still works, but I can't think of any other reasons why it shouldn't work.  I even used the cheatcode "legacy" to disable unionfs, and it still doesn't like it.  

Thanks again guys!
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Juanito Offline

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Posted: Nov. 15 2006,09:36 QUOTE

I've been looking everywhere for the Knoppix 3.4 iso download in order to get some modules to use with RC3 - the Knoppix mirrors stop at version 3.6 and Google does not turn up anything except version 3.4 md5 files.

I've sent Knoppix an e-mail but no reply as yet.

Does anyone have an idea where I could find a download?
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