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bokaroseani Offline

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Posted: Dec. 12 2006,21:26 QUOTE

Quote (^thehatsrule^ @ Dec. 12 2006,15:06)
bokaroseani: You can use them by passing them onto the kernel with your bootloader ie by modifying lilo/grub config. See wiki page on cheatcodes for more info.

Also, if you use large files that are 2gb+, and you use busybox (ie if you don't load gnu-utils) you will now have no problems.

Thanks for the clarification on the busybox thing. I do understand why and how cheatcodes work. I meant if the wiki had some info on what are the benefits of using the cheatcode CRON during booting, that would make folks like us feel better that we are not missing out on something that might be very useful to us.
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^thehatsrule^ Offline

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Posted: Dec. 12 2006,21:40 QUOTE

well, I suppose an wiki entry may be created for cron when the final version does get released - remember that this is a RC.
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meo Offline

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Posted: Dec. 12 2006,21:43 QUOTE

Hi mikshaw!

I made the change in DSL-embedded. I just unzipped the DSL v3.2 RC1 on an usb pendrive without making any other changes. Later I did the same thing in a DSL 3.1 environment and it worked just the same. I put in the cd and clicked on the option "Xmms Play CD" and the files on the CD loaded automatically. That's the way it used to work and I'm quite satisfied with it.

Have fun,

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desnotes Offline

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Posted: Dec. 13 2006,14:39 QUOTE

I like the way that -hdb is set for the USB so that it works as embedded or to boot from the USB drive. I saw where the user has to manually set drive letter in order for it to work properly.

If a user carries around the USB and uses it on other computers, one would have to adjust this each time. I did some research and found a batch file that determines the path where 'dsl-windows.bat' originates from adds it to the Qemu start command.

Code Sample

REM Start qemu on windows.

::Get the current batch file's short path
for %%x in (%0) do set BatchPath=%%~dpsx
for %%x in (%BatchPath%) do set BatchPath=%%~dpsx

START qemu\qemu.exe -L qemu/ -no-kqemu -m 128 -localtime -kernel linux24 -initrd minirt24.gz -hda KNOPPIX/knoppix -hdb fat:%BatchPath% -append "vga=791 quiet noscsi nousb nofirewire atapicd noideraid noacpi acpi=off noapm noagp ide1=noprobe ide2=noprobe nomce frugal"

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roberts Offline

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Posted: Dec. 13 2006,15:29 QUOTE

Hi desnotes,

Very nice. Thanks for sharing. I will update for RC2
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