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Key Offline

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Posted: July 20 2007,04:37 QUOTE

Quote (roberts @ July 19 2007,18:19)
DSL v3.x does not contain SATA modules.

Try with the necessary boot option:  sata

As written, I have tried this already with DSL 2.1b.
As boot parameter, I was using " dsl sata ".

During boot, I have got the message:
"Checking for sata .. none"
Obviously there has no sata drive been found or is has only been checked for a sata harddisk, but not for a sata dvd/cd drive. Don't know.

I will try this week-end again to change some bios settings, maybe this will help.

I didn't have problems with booting the latest Knoppix release from Live-CD, therefore I thought it might work under DSL with a newer 2.4 kernel now as well.

Keep you informed.
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andrewb Offline

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Posted: July 20 2007,05:38 QUOTE

I've just noticed that adding files to .filetool.lst has to be done 'manually' in V4 as the function in emelFM has been lost where a file could be selected & then the 'filetool' button. Just a comment that it might make things a bit more awkward for the "point'n'click" user.

Please also see my post:;r=1
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Juanito Offline

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Posted: July 20 2007,06:02 QUOTE

I tried DSL 4 for the first time today - a few notes:

1. USB boot from Cruzer Micro 1GB
2. I initially burnt a CD and ran the USB-HDD install script. I could not boot from USB - it appears that the ldlinux.sys file was not written. As I thought this might be due to the size of the USB stick (i.e. >512MB), I copied all of the files to /tmp, formatted the USB stick ext2, wrote all of the files back, renamed syslinux.cfg to extlinux.conf, ran extlinux and now the USB boot works fine.
3. The boot process loads KNOPPIX at about 12MB/s as opposed to DSL 3.4 which loads at about 6-7MB/s
4. The card manager no longer complains about my TI smart card reader
5. As per all other versions of DSL, I got a wierd looking display due to video ram problems with my Intel 855GM chip. Using xorg72.uci fixed this problem - now the display looks good @ 1024x768x24 and DSL 4 seems to handle the fonts better than DSL 3.4 (but this could be my imagination). I will need to look at building the drm and i915 modules for DSL 4.
6. Whilst I was getting the display sorted, I mounted another USB stick, copied some files and then unmounted it - this seemed to freeze the "/" icon and I could only mount another USB stick by using a terminal window. Similiarly, exit to prompt no longer worked and I was obliged to use from the terminal window.

Looks good so far  :)
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roberts Offline

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Posted: July 20 2007,07:21 QUOTE

I have tested the USB-ZIP version with success..
I will be sure to check the USB-HDD as well.

Recall, that pluging and unpluging pendrive in kernel 2.4 keeps cycling the drive letters. They don't stay constant and that can cause issues. This is handled better in 2.6. But we don't have that. Other than this known limitation I have not experieced such.
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Juanito Offline

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Posted: July 20 2007,12:05 QUOTE

I downloaded linux- and unpacked it:
Code Sample
# mkdir /usr/src
# chown dsl /usr/src
# chgrp staff /usr/src
# tar -xzvf /mnt/sda1/build/kernel_source/linux- -C /usr/src
and then loaded gnu-utils.unc and gcc1-with-libs.unc and got this:
Code Sample
# cd /usr/src/linux-
# make menuconfig
rm -f include/asm
( cd include; ln -sf asm-i386 asm)
make -C scripts/lxdialog all
make[1]: Entering directory `/KNOPPIX/usr/src/linux-'
/bin/sh: line 1: gcc-2.95: command not found

>> Unable to find the Ncurses libraries.
>> You must have Ncurses installed in order
>> to use 'make menuconfig'

make[1]: *** [ncurses] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/KNOPPIX/usr/src/linux-'
make: *** [menuconfig] Error 2
so I loaded gcc-2.95.unc and tried again and the terminal window froze.

Am I missing something? How are you building the modules Roberts?
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