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jpjacobs Offline

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Posted: April 03 2008,23:42 QUOTE

The busybox
id: -- G invalid option thing:
Well, I didn't type in the command, that's just what executing 'groups' returns.
So this would need fixing i guess.

Anyway, I don't either see the DSL user in /etc/groups
I think it would make sense to have the DSL user at least have the rights of using fusermount for sshfs (this is not really that weird, I use it about everytime i need to work somewhere else besides my desk)

I do however find it a really _Excellent_ idea to include sshfs in DSL.



(Excuse me for spelling errors, incomplete phrases or anything else, mind the time here  being 2 AM;))
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roberts Offline

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Posted: April 04 2008,01:27 QUOTE

The bash script /usr/bin/groups calls /usr/bin/id with the -G option.
Since, as you have pointed out, the script is broken. It requires the full gnu version of /usr/bin/id

Therefore, I will move the groups script from the iso to gnu-utils.dsl extension. I have also added the gnu id to gnu-utils.dsl.
So fetching a new copy of gnu-utils.dsl will result in a working groups command.

Grepping user dsl in /etc/passwd shows a group id of 50.
Grepping 50 in /etc/groups shows group staff
Checking /usr/local/bin/fusermount shows group staff with execute rights. Perhaps you could post the full ls -l of your working fusermount.
I am curious if your is setuid as I have seen before.

I added sshfs and use it quite often. I prefer it over using a samba setup.  But I have only needed root acess.

Edited by roberts on April 04 2008,01:28
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JohnE Offline

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Joined: April 2008
Posted: April 05 2008,10:46 QUOTE

Hi All,

After about 1 hour v4.3 RC2 froze my laptop earlier this week.  A reboot did not clear the memory and reload the OS from CD.

Is this worth debugging?

4.2.5 has been very stable for me.

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curaga Offline

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Posted: April 05 2008,11:11 QUOTE

Just freezing usually means you ran out of ram and swap. But what do you mean with reboot did not clear the memory?

There's no such thing as life. Those mean little jocks invented it ;)
Windows is not a virus. A virus does something!
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JohnE Offline

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Joined: April 2008
Posted: April 05 2008,11:46 QUOTE

I didn't think to look at memory usage at the time of the freeze.  

Rebooting had a fatal error attempting to get to run level 5.  I rebooted a different OS on disk and the laptop recovered.  I haven't returned to running v4.3 RC2 since.

I didn't know if other people have seen this concern???
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