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RoGuE_StreaK Offline

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Posted: Jan. 17 2006,06:20 QUOTE

Anyone else hungry? :D

"I find your lack of penguin disturbing"
                                      - Darth Tux
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dare2dreamer Offline

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Posted: Jan. 17 2006,06:49 QUOTE

I nominate the "burger analogy" as the new codename system for future DSL releases. If Shuttleworth can have badgers, hedgehogs and a dapper drake, why can't we look forward to the next tasty release of Friendly Frenchfry or Patty Melt?


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roberts Offline

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Posted: Jan. 17 2006,08:45 QUOTE

With the current 2.4.31 based system.
we lost scsi boot device support
we lost zip drive support.
we have issuses with pcmcia support
we have issues with wifi support
we have issues with usb boot support
we have gained sata drive support.

Well many may not notice these things, others do.
We have lost some users, or at minimum made it very difficult for them to remain among us.

This also seems to be a temporary solution.
There are other features that I would like to try to take advantage of that only 2.6.x will provide.

As for the suggestion of 2.4.27 Knoppix 3.7 for sata drive support. Well it is not a panacea.  Many of you do not know of, or wouldn't even be aware of my efforts, until we started the release candidate procedure. But back in May 2005. I created the first 2.0 version of DSL. It was based on such kernel of Knoppix 3.7. I worked on it from 05.13 thru 05.30 with thirteen pre-releases to the then beta testing team. Because of several similar issues to the current 2.x, it was dropped and never released. Again, many issues with the basics of extended sound (ALSA) and others prevented this from being released.

Trying to use a single 2.4.x kernel, seems not possible without losing at both ends of the hardware spectrum.

After my second attempt to try to deliver such, one private to the testing team last May, and now this publc one, I feel quite beat up.  It is not anything under my direct control. It is just the nature of the beast.

I know no matter what I do, that I cannot possibly please eveyone. But I also know that you cannot squeeze "blood out of a turnip". That is why the decision was made to use the proven 2.4.26 kernel and modules of DSL v1.5. Everything that is in 2.1 that is possible, including ltmodem autodetection, all the latest lua GUI scripts, will be there and all the original myDSL extensions will work as before.

Just as one should never stop learning, so too should one always try to plan for what's ahead.

We will plan to work on a 2.6 kernel version for the newer hardware based on Knoppix but with a very similar feel to our beloved DSL. We will continue to improve DSL.

That is the best that I can offer.
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frankseu Offline

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Posted: Jan. 17 2006,11:51 QUOTE

Hello Roberts,

i can only immagine the problems you and the other devs have. I am very happy with DSL an love the work you do.

I am also happy to read that you and the other devs still have open eyes and a open mind for changes/wishes. I often see a kind of blindness against the own project of the devs after a while.

You and yor colleagues are not moving into that !
For that i like to thank you and wish you power, time, endurance. (And a tolerant wife ;-)

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rattler414 Offline

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Posted: Jan. 17 2006,12:31 QUOTE

Mik, don't pick on my use of your name instead of Chris's - I had some Baileys and was feeling very good :p
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