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clacker Offline

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Posted: June 20 2006,22:28 QUOTE

Quote (knix @ June 20 2006,15:14)
Quote (MrBear37 @ June 20 2006,14:59)

Quote (randux @ June 20 2006,13:33)

... I would not be so quick to pull the splinter out our neighbors eye, when there is a plank looming nearby :)

In Matthew 7 it is "neighbor's eye", not "neighbors eye"... :)

Knix, just to be a jerk with a plank, I'd like to point out it's

  In Matthew 7 it is "neighbor's eye,"  not "neighbors eye"


  In Matthew 7 it is "neighbor's eye", not "neighbors eye"

At least it's that way in America.

Oh, and I think dsl 3.0 looks great.  Punctuation aside, that is. :)
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roberts Offline

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Posted: June 20 2006,23:01 QUOTE

"typo's" is not John's error but mine.
I make the change log. It is based on the work I have implemented in DSL. I never did get good grades in English. In fact, it has always been my least favorite subject. Guess, that's why I went into computers. But that is the least of my woes. I am being directed to remove unionfs as default and make it as a boot option. Hopefully, I can pull this off without breaking other things. I really don't want to do another rc exercise. So stay tuned, as I make this requested emergency surgery. Oh, it has been requested because of the issue with the inbuilt firefox browser. So it goes... And I had so hoped to start to move away from the .dsl memory hungry extensions.

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kerry Offline

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Posted: June 20 2006,23:53 QUOTE

I think that's a smart move. It really makes more since to have unionfs as a cheat code. But i've got to ask "How's this going to help DSL?" Can the inbuilt firefox be dropped instead? Firefox updated is already offered in the DSL repo's and almost everybody grabs the updated version. Why not just drop firefox and make dillo a little better(antialishing turned on in the build would help). It would also help save "Robert" alot of work. :D
Robert, sorry you have to go 2 steps forward and 3 steps back.
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John Offline

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Posted: June 21 2006,01:31 QUOTE

*hanging out the undies to dry*

Spelling isn't my best subject either, fwiw.  I'm dyslexic, and I was functionally illiterate until my late teens.  My brand of dyslexia is interesting, my brain will actually fill the page up with what I think is on it.  Other times the page will just blank out or become like boiling water -- it's sort of like a visual stuttering.

Regarding FF and Unionfs, I am working on the compatibility issue.  So, folks just need to have a little patients.

Re dropping FF... For the first several releases of DSL we had links-hacked and dillo, which was a very good light combination, but these days with AJAX being so widely deployed I believe it is important to have a functional browser which is compatible with javascript,  flash, CSS, etc.
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clivesay Offline

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Posted: June 21 2006,01:34 QUOTE

Quote (kerry @ June 20 2006,18:53)
Why not just drop firefox and make dillo a little better(antialishing turned on in the build would help).

I was thinking the same thing before I saw this post. I know this has been visited before but with unionfs and people creating many extensions that now use very little ram, should this argument be revisited? Is Opera an option in place of FF if you really want a base browser that has java and flash support? I have no idea if Opera can be smaller than FF or not. FF is a pain for John to craft into DSL and he was forced into the last update because FF updates were not backward compatible and the old version no longer worked with places like Yahoo! Mail. Since FF is so popular and has many updates, just seems that maybe it's time to remove it and use the latest builds from the repo as they are submitted by the community.

Just a thought.


EDIT: John hit the submit button faster than me!  :D I understand the reference to Ajax. Guess it just comes down to if it's important for DSL to support such things 'out of the box'. There are many arguements both ways, I guess.
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