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Topic: As noted, we're releasing DSL-3.0.1< Next Oldest | Next Newest >
roberts Offline

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Posted: June 24 2006,15:00 QUOTE

Sorry if frustration is starting to show. But the fact of the matter is...

If /opt is on ramdisk, as is normally the case, then upon a reboot all directories that were created upon using any mountable type extensions could not possibly persist.
So I remain without anything that I can reproduce.

I daily use Opera852.unc and/or the new seamonkey gtk1 uci and have not experienced any issues with these browsers after I had reduced the cache size for my particular machine/environment. John and I are aware that the builin firefox does have issues.

After thinking about what Chris posted about reasons for persistent /opt makes wish to state the following:

1. frugal does not necessarily imply persistent anything.

2. for obvious reasons unionfs overlays does not make much sense with a traditional hard drive install.

3. Using persistent options together with frugal is kinda like a hybrid hard drive install.

4. unionfs overlays may very well not make sense with a hybrid install. This hybrid install was created, as Chris, stated as a way to install large apps and avoid the ramdisk.

5. hybrid installs defeats the nodmaic goal of DSL as it anchors one to a particular system, however, DSL does not dictate that that be such and allows users to configure as they so desire.

6. I standby when a reproducible issue is presented to try to resolve it just as is the case with any aspect of DSL.

7. v3.0.1 does not default to unionfs so you may wish to avoid unionfs all together or postpone embracing it until a later release, especially if it is causing you grief. Personally I use it exclusively and without issues. I would not have released it if such was not the case.

I am sorry if I offend anyone or come across as dismissive but without directly reproducible issues, I can only guess at how their systems might be configured or what might be causing their problem.
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clivesay Offline

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Posted: June 24 2006,17:43 QUOTE

I agree with Robert about the hybrid installs. Persistent /home and /opt were provided so people could run some large apps on older machines or store large amounts of personal files but still enjoy the benefits of Frugal. In the 'olden days' having a persistent /opt allowed you to run the Openoffice.tar.gz extension on a 64, 96, 128mb ram machine with a frugal install. At the time, you could have your cake and eat it too. If people move to unionfs then I think a perisistent /opt is just asking for trouble. I haven't had time to try myself but I would love to hear ram usage comparisons from booting stock DSL and running DSL with UnionFS and multiple unc files on something like a 64mb ram machine.

Maybe getting off topic here a little. These are new features and will take awhile to either shake the bugs out or understand what the right combinations of options are to make everything on the system live in harmony.

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kerry Offline

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Posted: June 24 2006,20:28 QUOTE

robert, you can let it all out, we'll understand. you still always be the man.
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ZoOp Offline

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Posted: June 24 2006,21:08 QUOTE

it's ok, thanks for your post.
thanks for your post. A problem still remains with samba.unc, but I have to check my install again.

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vees Offline

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Posted: June 25 2006,01:19 QUOTE

Hi everybody,

These are the issues which I had with DSL 3.0:

At the end of the boot up process Dillo is launched with - I suppose as in the past - a short introduction to DSL.  With DSL 3.0 however Dillo also starts but does not open any file.  A message at the bottom of Dillo says that dpid could not be started.  I tried starting it from the console and I got this:


dpi_socket_dir.c:63: tst_dir: access : No such file or directory
- /tmp/dsl-r1b1bc/
debug_msg - init_sockdir: The socket directory /tmp/dsl-r1b1bc does not exist or is not a directory
dpi_socket_dir.c:85: mk_sockdir: a_Misc_mkdtemp :  - /tmp/dsl-l8ctg8
dpi_socket_dir.c:123: init_sockdir: mk_sockdir :  - Failed to create dpi socket directory
main.c:243: main: init_sockdir : Failed to create socket directory


dpi.c:61: a_Dpi_rd_dpi_socket_dir: access : No such file or directory
- /root/.dillo

Other problems I noticed included that the mount tool cannot be started and neither can the system stats.

I use DSL on a laptop and acpi is buggy.  It does correctly report the precentage of battery charge, but tormso erroneously says "AC" when my laptop is running on its battery.  When I run acpi from a terminal it does correctly report when the battery is charging, but it adds "charging at zero rate - will never fully charge".

Do you think that these problems are due to UNIONFS?  I used DSL 2.x on the same computer without ever having any problems whatsoever; are there other differences between 2.4.and 3.0 which would explain my problems?

Kind regards & many thanks,


Motto: chown -R linux:GNU world
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Quick Reply: As noted, we're releasing DSL-3.0.1

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