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lucky13 Offline

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Posted: Jan. 25 2008,18:46 QUOTE

Could there be an error in my backup file?. If so how would I correct this without starting from scratch?

Perhaps you inadvertently deleted it? You can just add back the icon/link to /usr/bin/mydslPanel.lua.

Fixed it. Must have moved it off-screen.

I just thought of that, too.

"It felt kind of like having a pitbull terrier on my rear end."
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JohnJS Offline

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Posted: Jan. 25 2008,20:00 QUOTE

Not saving edited version of siag.
Using siag for checkbook records.
Notice that after click/ctrl-drag file to desktop and saving after editing the version in DFM/home is not changed.
Tried click/ctrl-drag file back to home but that doesn't work.

Edit: FYI 'save' apparently only saves the file on the desktop.
'save as' changes both.
(Works differently from 3.4.9)
Same save problem with TED.rtf files. Tried 'save' and 'save as' but no luck.

Solved: Should have used 'link' instead of 'copy' to drag onto desktop.
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nitemarepc Offline

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Posted: Jan. 28 2008,15:15 QUOTE

I'm a newbie to linux and confused as to references to 4.0 and 4.1 and getting this to.  I'm trying to install 4.2.4 embedded with timestamp of 1/13/08 on the ftp site for download.  I have installed the embedded on a usb memory stick and use a floppy-usb to boot from the memory stick on a Toshiba Satellite 335CDS with 32Mb memory 266 processor and does not allow usb boot for cd but will do a usb boot from a memory stick.  It boots fine and no problems.  I decided to install on the harddrive with a frugal grub install.  The instructions for the install was great and did the 3 partitions with no problem until after the install and remove the floppy to reboot.  On the reboot, it halts right after the processor type shows with the cursor disappearing and it just sets there.  I then tried the harddrive install with the the usb memory stick and the install went well and the reboot went fine and everything worked great.  I wanted the frugal install to be able to update as recommended.  I'm really wanted the frugal though.  I also tried the Lilo and that did not work either.  There was some error and it wouldn't even install.  Can someone point me in the right direction??
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roberts Offline

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Posted: Jan. 28 2008,16:24 QUOTE

You have very low ram. Try doing the frugal install from the basic install menu, i.e., boot DSL like this:

boot: install

However with such low ram you will likely get better performance with a traditional hard drive install.
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^thehatsrule^ Offline

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Posted: Jan. 28 2008,17:25 QUOTE

nitemarepc: I have used 32mb of RAM (and less) with a frugal DSL setup, although with the 2.4.26 kernel.  The main thing I had to do is to set up and enable swap... did you do this?
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