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Grim Offline

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Posted: Jan. 09 2006,09:18 QUOTE

Hey Rogue,

Yeah, I get that.  For serious midi work, there's RoseGarden and TiMidity++.  I think Muse is supposed to be good too.

But, if you're running DSL, I'm kinda doubting that you're gonna be doing high-end audio editing.  I could be wrong, what do I know.

No good deed goes unpunished...
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RoGuE_StreaK Offline

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Posted: Jan. 09 2006,09:25 QUOTE

DSL could be useful to convert an old laptop into a portable MIDI sequencer?

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Posted: Jan. 21 2006,20:31 QUOTE

I have been searching all around and couldnt find any MIDI Software that runs on DSL , though the OSS supports the MPU401(midi) Interface. A lot of people have
MIDI keyboards and would like to use it together with the PC , not only to make
own music but also to store memory data of older synths etc.
The hole MIDI/Sequencer thing is the only reason why I have to keep Windows beside my Linux Installation , all the Sequencers for Linux have bad timing and a
even worse user interface, Rosegarden might be good , but produces nothing but errors on my Suse Distro.
Sometimes I wish somebody would sell commercial software for musicians running Linux , in this case I think the opensource idea didnt work.....
Anybody successfull running midi stuff on dsl ? Please tell me
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cyberoidx Offline

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Posted: Jan. 22 2006,01:55 QUOTE

I second that.

Actually fact is, midi is more about your sound card than linux. It took me an year to figure out how to play midi on my windows!!!!!!
Even if the program works, alsa might not be config'd properly , etc...

Last thng you can do is convert midi to wav. :)
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jls legalize Offline

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Posted: Jan. 22 2006,15:35 QUOTE

try musix live distro
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Quick Reply: Any way to play a midi file?

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