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sgall Offline

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Joined: Feb. 2004
Posted: Feb. 27 2004,05:25 QUOTE

I use DSL in my shed (love it)  and I used to use it for email and the web until I added a wireless card ( which I have to use in my new non-wired house).
The card is not recognised.  It seems to only find the old wired card (eth0).  Also I live in town so I use WEP encryption.

1 How do you go about trying to make DSL find the card?

2. Is it ennough to just find it or do you have to install software for it?

3. Can you configure encryption.  I have an (?????) SSID name for my network which seems like a windows workgroup?
I have a text code for WEP which seems to generate several HEX strings.

The networking HOWTO's I have found so far seem:
1.  Pretty heavy
2.  Dont talk much about wireless
3.  May mention Debian but dont say anything about DSL

I am at work at the moment but my card is a Netgear 3.111g
or something like that (definitely a g).
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Posted: Feb. 28 2004,16:56 QUOTE

HI! I had problems with wireless cards for a looong time under linux (Not DSL, but still Linux). But someday I got this ZyAir B-100 which is based on the orinoco chipset which is supported by linux. Well, it was plug-and-play under redhat and knoppix hdinstall and of the CD. I'm downloading DSL right now. I'll tell you if it works. You probably have a different wireless card, so this probably didn't help, but if you only use Linux you could invest in a B-100.
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cbagger01 Offline

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Posted: Feb. 28 2004,18:04 QUOTE

Try removing your old wired card. Maybe DSL is designating your wireless card as "eth1" and is being ignored by the scripts which probably expect to see "eth0".

Good Luck.
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blackfire Offline

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Posted: Mar. 02 2004,20:46 QUOTE

Im having the same problem, there is an easy way to fix it, and a hard way. Hopefully the easy way will work, because im yet to do the hard way.

When cardmgr runs, it should say something like:
cardmgr[460]: unsupported card in socket 0
cardmgr[460]: product info: "Belkin", "11Mbps-Wireless-Notebook-Network-Adapter"
cardmgr[460]: manfid: 0x01BF, 0x3301  function: 6 (network)

write all of this down

to support it, open a shell and type:
sudo su
chmod 777 /etc/pcmcia/config
scite /etc/pcmcia/config

from here, you need to add these lines in the appropriate place, with the name and manfid of your card

card "Belkin 11Mbps-Wireless-Notebook-Network-Adapter"
manfid 0x01BF, 0x3301
bind "whatever_cs"

where I put whatever_cs, put a script that supports ur card, this could be:

dont type them in, i may have spelt them wrong. Just scroll up or down in the config file and see what similiar cards used.

after your done save it and reboot.

if the card doesnt work, try a different bind, reboot again, etc.

If none of them work (mine didnt), you may need to install the atmel package which supports loads more wireless cards.
This got it working on a miniknoppix distro.

however im not quite sure how to install it on dsl, im waiting for someone to get back to me.
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poogie Offline

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Posted: Mar. 04 2004,20:23 QUOTE

I also have a belkin wireless pcmcia card version 2 and have problems having it recognized. Can you give me detailed instructions on exactly how to install atmelwlandriver. Ive tried looking on the internet and following posted instructions with no luck. for some reason when I get to the part "make config" its not recognized.
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