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Ekylypse Offline

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Posted: Jan. 28 2004,05:33 QUOTE

Try this in the terminal:

Code Sample

#: sudo sndconfig

the command sudo allows you to run a program as root.
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RoGuE_StreaK Offline

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Posted: Jan. 28 2004,06:10 QUOTE

I'm fairly sure I WAS using sudo - still got the file error.  Figured if I could track down the file, maybe I could delete it and start again, check it's permissions, edit it by hand, whatever...

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hawki Offline

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Posted: Jan. 30 2004,16:20 QUOTE

My Compaq Armada is a 7370DMT.  sndconfig didn't like my system for some reason.  The sound in mine is an ESS ES1878.  It appears the support for most ESS chips is in the soundblaster module.  I now load the module with modprobe.

sudo modprobe sb irq=5 dma=0 io=0x220

works great after that.  You can determine other possible parameters using modinfo.

modinfo sb

That will give you all possible parms.

good luck
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libretto Offline

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Posted: Feb. 13 2004,01:09 QUOTE

Tried updating the modules, now i cant modprobe the sound chipset anymore :(  (it did used to work)

Is it possible to undo the 'update-modules' command?

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forty_caliber Offline

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Posted: Feb. 16 2004,02:47 QUOTE

Quote (aramis @ Jan. 13 2004,11:27)
Broken sound seems to bit a bit of a theme with DSL.  Mine was broken too, here's how I fixed it.

The main idea is to install sndconfig and then run that to configure your sound - I think it was about an extra 10-15megs of downloads by the time I was done.

so first get dpkg working with (stole this from cbaggers script, thx for that)
     sudo dpkg-restore    

then install synaptic   ( not strictly necessary I think)
      sudo  apt-get install synaptic

Then install sndconfig with  synaptic (a dpkg gui frontend);  pretty straight forward

run sndconfig to get the settings for your sound card - you should know your chip set before you run this


finally run update-modules to "set" the files that sndconfig generates

sudo update-modules

Worked for me and my Toshiba 320cdt , your mileage may vary


Thanks for the post.  This helped me get the sound workng on my HP OB 2000.  The only difference is that I did not have to download synaptic to get sndconfig.

I just used # apt-get install sndconfig.


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