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lxlsubzer0lxl Offline

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Joined: Feb. 2004
Posted: Feb. 08 2004,20:25 QUOTE

yea i have anotehr computer, thats the 1 im on, and all it has is a floppy drive, nothing else lol except for a thing to plug the printer intoand an extra monitor and a mouse, that it.

it has 12288 kb of ram, and 260 megs of hd space
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Modrak Offline

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Joined: Dec. 2003
Posted: Feb. 09 2004,19:31 QUOTE

LPT (paralel,printer port) linux you can do NetWORK with it.
Unfortunately I don't know anything more :-( But it could be done:cool:
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Bugs Offline

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Joined: Mar. 2004
Posted: Mar. 10 2004,11:45 QUOTE

I have had the exact same problem I have a toshiba satelite 220CS with only a floppy drive. I came up with an idea my girlfriend has a IBM thinkpad, I removed the IBM's harddisk, put the toshiba one in it, installed linux then replced both harddisks. not sure if it works fully as yet wirth giving a go tho
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Delboy Offline

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Joined: Nov. 2003
Posted: Mar. 10 2004,15:50 QUOTE

Me too.  P133mmx 40megs ram laptop - floppy drive only. I used an external cd-rom drive conected thru' the paralell port.  The drive came with a boot floppy with basic DoS boot command which allowed me to start from scratch.  I used a WIN98 'system' or 'startup' floppy to completely reformat the hard disk, used floppy drive to copy FIPS partition splitter programme to make Linux free space, then the CR-Rom and its boot floppy copy the DSL iso files and folders into a 'Knoppix' directory you have to create on the C:\ drive.
Using Rawrite programme on the DSL boot.img file you create a DSL boot floppy which fires up DSL as 'live' but from your C:\
Hard disk install thereafter is pretty easy - bingo: a completely Micros&ft free computer.
Persevere - the end result is worth it.
(see Vector Linux 3.2 download site - 'dostools' directory for FIPs and RAWRITE tools)
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davide Offline

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Posted: Mar. 11 2004,11:36 QUOTE

in most acses posted in this forum solution was provided by takin hd off the laptop, connecting to another pc, then creating 3 partitions (or two) and cpoying /konppix dicrectory or even the whole .img file in one of those partions.
this willa llow a poorman install (read knoppix FAQ about that) and let you install then on the other partition.
let us know whether 12 megs are enought to get a laptop work with x-windows.


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