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nibznik Offline

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Joined: May 2004
Posted: May 03 2004,13:42 QUOTE

OK did a clean hd-install on my 1gb linux partition (dual-booting with WinXP, 20gb hard drive) there are three things i dont know how to do, so help is welcomed;
1. How do you add sites to apt-get, so that every time i update it updates the list and i can download from it.
2.if i cannot do that; is there a manual .deb installer that is as efficient as apt-get (by manual i mean you download the deb yourself and open it with this application.)
3.What is the command to search the hard drive (like in windows how you can click on a directory and search it)
is it a console command, or does emelfn have the command and im blind

I got into damn small linux about 4-5 months ago and now im in love with this distro.

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Numenor Offline

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Posted: May 04 2004,17:10 QUOTE


1).  You need to manually edit your /etc/apt/sources.list to update the sites you download from.  It is a regular text file that you can use one of the eidtors in DSL to edit.  See this posting for great info from grim about apt-get and DSL;t=75

2). You can download .debs and use dpkg. you still need to resolve dependancies.  Man dpkg for more details.

3).  Dont know if there is a util for this...the find command is what I usually use. Again 'man find' for more details.  You could check out or freshmeat to see if there is a gui util to search.


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Grim Offline

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Posted: May 04 2004,18:24 QUOTE

There's a console command `find' which works great.  Just type:

find /path/to/directory/you/wanna/search -name "name of file you're looking for" -print

(e.g find /home/damnsmall -name "*" -print will find all files in the directory tree under damnsmall (i.e. /home/damnsmall/latetitia_casta/) with the word "" located in it's filename)

it's important to surround the search string with double quotes if it's more than one word.  You can make the search path / to search the entire hard drive.

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michaldck Offline

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Posted: May 28 2004,20:33 QUOTE

Weee.... I'd like to use configure my DSL like this

apt-get update;  apt-get install apt-spy; apt-spy; apt-get update;

after that i can installl much more soft :) Be carefully ! Apt-spy work for 10 and mor minutes (512/128) :)
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Quick Reply: how to add sites to apt-get ?

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