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Modrak Offline

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Posted: Feb. 26 2004,09:00 QUOTE

I'm sorry...but now I know the dpkg-restore can't be run on LiveCD
You must have hdiinstalled DSL :-/
It even doesn't run with knoppix toram
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hasty Offline

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Posted: Feb. 26 2004,09:17 QUOTE

Well spotted !

I took the easy option and reinstalled 5.3 :laugh:
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Arnt Karlsen

Posted: Feb. 27 2004,04:07 QUOTE

Quote (cbagger01 @ Feb. 23 2004,00:47)
My quick advice is to download and use it instead of 0.6 for the short term.

My longer term advice is more of a suggestion to John (& Robert):

Is there an alternative to replacing ALL of the core Linux utilities with BusyBox?

There are several programs (like cp, ln, tar, gzip) that just don't work the same in Busybox and in some situations, this cripples the OS.

I am sure that there are other shell scripts/install scripts out there that will work properly in but will bomb out in 0.6

Can you please bring back the above mentioned core Linux programs in a future version of DSL? good way is add '--verbose|-v' to Busybox on the cd, and make the real stuff available on hd installs thru an apt-get --purge Busybox dependency.

..on remastering, I usually junk the DSL kernel and put in the one from clusterKnoppix, and I also toss in 1152x864 and 15bpp and 7 rodent buttons into '/usr/sbin/', I guess it can take more options.
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cbagger01 Offline

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Posted: Feb. 29 2004,08:53 QUOTE

Check out the link below to the latest version of my Synaptic install script.  This script DOES work with DSL versions 0.6.x and you can even use it if you are running from the LiveCD.

It is also an automated way to get apt-get to work with Synaptic 0.16

The new script is located at the bottom of the linked page:;t=122
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pdone Offline

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Posted: Mar. 02 2004,13:52 QUOTE

Great stuff - I'll try this when I get home.

Don't know if this has been discussed before, but I came accross Translucency...

Apparently this enables a user to mount a read-write filesystem over the top of an existing read-only filesystem.

Code Sample

Translucency is a loadable kernel module for Linux that virtually merges two directories, making it possible to overwrite files on read-only media and compile projects (such as the Linux kernel) with different options without copying sources each time. No user-space tools have to be changed. The process is also known as inheriting (ifs), stacking, translucency (tfs), loopback (lofs), and overlay (ovlfs).

Wouldn't this be a great solution for DSL for installing apps when using the LiveCD, if the LiveCD automatically mounted a read-write Translucency filesystem over the top of the read-only cd filesystem. Combine this with the ability to back-up/restore the overlayed app files (translucency filesystem) to the tar.gz on a USB, then this could be really powerful.

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