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The DSL Mall, free market place for merchants

The DSL Mall is a free market place for merchants. Basically, we are giving away store fronts to merchants who we feel may be a good match with the DSL community.

Who should consider joining?

Anybody that has nice merchandise to sell and is interested in having his/her items viewed by the DSL community. There is absolutely no cost to you for this store front, and you are likely to get over 2k impressions a day if the products are a good match for our community.

What you get:
You will have your own URL which looks like:

You will also have a web front end which will allow you to upload images and descriptions for your items, as well as maintain and alter your inventory right through your browser.

After your store front is set up we will add your site to the Mall index page, and you should start to receive visitors immediately.

If you have good items at a fair price, you are very likely to get sales and you keep all of your profit. We do not want a percentage, and there are no monthly fees.

Sounds good, but what does DSL get out of it?

We will be placing two advertisements into the store templates -- one contextual advertisement and one impression based advertisement. The ads will help us fund the development of Damn Small Linux while we continue to refine the project.

DSL has become very popular over the last three years and we figure we could use some of the popularity to fuel passive earning while we work hard to make our Linux distribution as good as possible.

So you see, it is a win-win situation. Having a DSL storefront may be very beneficial to your business, and it costs absolutely nothing. We want you to do well, because the better you do, the more visitors your store has and the better we do.

The kicker?

None, other than that we reserve the right not to accept a merchant or to remove a merchant without explanation. We don't really see it being a common occurrence, but somewhere I read that it's good to say this ahead of time, just in case. Also, ad layout and templating are subject to change while we refine the process.

If you are interested, contact John _AT_ DamnSmallLinux.org