Damn Small Linux
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Damn Small Linux Embedded on a 8 Gig USB pen drive

Thanks to the magic of Qemu, we can now offer a version of DSL which can easily run inside a Windows or Linux host environment. This means that you can take out your USB drive and boot into DSL without having to shut down and reboot the host computer.

One note: running DSL inside Qemu will be slow in comparison to using a CD or direct USB boot. Personally, I find it too slow for practical use on processors under 1GHz. That said, having an embedded DSL work on a USB drive is incredibly handy if you have modern hardware. It is great to be able to "borrow" someone's computer, boot DSL from within their choice of operating system, do what you want to do, and then unplug your USB drive and walk away -- leaving the host system exactly how you found it!

I find the speed of DSL running from within XP to be comfortable with a processor of 1.6GHz or higher, but preferences will vary. But the convenience and cool factor are very high.

All earnings from the sale of this item go into funding the development of DSL.

Please note:
Do to the innovation of the new 5-way install script all our USB pens are now bootable via USB-Zip and also Qemu!

Damn Small on a USB pen drive
+ shipping ($5.50 US and $8.00 International)

If you want to pay by check, just mail it to:

California residents, please add $3.47 for tax.