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Version 4.x

Version 4.4

  • New Lua/Fltk refactored for enhanced performance.
  • New Fltk library now available for C/C++ programs.
  • New fldiff - File Diff GUI Viewer.
  • Update to rsync to v3.0.2
  • Updated mydslBrowser - new feature "Download Only"
  • Modified "X Window Snapshot" to save image file with date.
  • Added dfm association for easy display of "X Window Snapshot" images.
  • Updated .torsmorc for more consistent "used/free/total"
  • Restored Firefox default search engines.
  • New low resource background & theme.
  • New font added smoothansi - used in jwm menu.
  • New .luafltkrc for Lua/Fltk theme and defaults.
  • Updated dmix.
  • Updated man script, new -o -b options and site.
  • Fixed permissions on fusermount.
  • Fixed cpanel bug to turn off ssh daemon.
  • Modified nfs-common to also start portmap when needed.
  • Patched kbdconfig to properly select keymaps.
  • Modified .bash_profile to eliminate an extra login shell.
  • Updated cgi example test.lua to call proper cgi.lua
  • Removed stray line in Fluxbox menu.
  • Updated "Getting Started" document with Wiki link and wireless info link.

Version 4.3

  • Updated Firefox browser to v2.
  • Updated murgaLua to v0.6.8.
  • Updated nano-tiny to v2.0.7.
  • Updated and consolidation of mydslBrowser with new mydslBrowser.lua.
  • New picture puzzle added to Games collection.
  • New calculator.lua replaces calcoo.
  • Optimized minirt24.gz - much smaller.
  • New background and theme for both JWM and Fluxbox.
  • Updated 'noicons' boot option to suppress icons in JWM.
  • Fixed removal of mydsl extensions on traditional hard drive installations.
  • Dropped SCSI modules for needed space - available in the modules section.
  • Fixed CD recording scanbus device error by adding scsi/sg.o module
  • Updated editor.lua - menu issue resolved for new murgaLua version.
  • Updated dmix.lua to support multiple sound card channels with 3-way toggle on sync button.
  • Dropped mixer_common.lua - not needed with new dmix.lua program.
  • Updated exit.lua - added support for environment variable BACKUP=0.
  • Removed unsupported 'groups' command and moved to gnu-utils.
  • Corrected permissions on fusermount so normal user can use sshfs.
  • New mydslSqlSearch.lua, a personal tool that some may find of intrest.
  • New icons for xpdf and files-exec.
  • Fixed mydsl-wget from using /var/tmp s/b /tmp.
  • Added perl

Version 4.2

  • New mtpaint replaces xpaint.
  • New black/blue theme with "Fractal Movements" background.
  • New folder for better support of Visual Styles for JWM .jwmrc-theme and downloadable themes.
  • New setTheme.lua, drag-n-drop or double click application style.
  • New folder for better support of backgrounds, downloadable "DSL Classics"
  • New generic folder.xpm link for easier themeing of folders.
  • Updated wallpaper.lua, drag-n-drop or double click application style.
  • Improved support for JWM keybindings with .jwmrc-keys
  • Improved support for battey names in torsmo, fetched from /proc
  • Improved handling of multline menu items as MyDSL folder shortcut icons.
  • Improved cleanup of shortcuts upon normal shutdown.
  • Fixed bug so that /cdrom/mydsl is not processed twice.
  • Fixed "?" icon to open "Getting Started"
  • Updated iconViwer for mtpaint change.
  • Many icons have been changed, updated, or replaced.
  • Updated /opt/.dfmext with more associations.
  • Cleanup of xmms when started from dfm icon.
  • Cleanup of usused files, modules, and directories (pnp,xfs, hfs,hfsplus,bfs,befs,adfs,ujs,minix,efs)

Version 4.1

  • Updated pciutils to 2.2.9
  • New iconView.lua - View & Edit xpm icons
  • New notepad (editor.lua)
  • New mini-icons in jwm mydsl menu when available
  • New boot option user=name
  • New boot option settime settime=its_server_name use with tz=XX/Yyyyy
  • Updated torsmo to v0.18 - now supports noswap
  • Updated .dfminfo now a plain text file.
  • Updated processing order of extensions with .tar.gz now last to better support myconf.tar.gz
  • Root menu solely under user control - defaults to selected window manager menu.
  • Updated firefox default preferences to use SansSerif font.
  • New key bindings for jwm. Ctrl s=shade, d=desktops, z=menu, v=min, b=resize, n=move, m=max
  • Added 'toram' to frugal installed grub checkfs menu item.
  • Updated several murgaLua programs to reflect the dropped fl_ask GUI widget.
  • Updated "Getting Started" with Esc and Backspace key definitions for dfm
  • Better support for alternate window managers. - see /opt/.mydsl_menu/ and ~/.{wm}.inc
  • Streamlined MyDSL download procedure - dropped use of sudo and download location prompt.
  • Removed background/wallpaper control from dfm and .xinitrc
  • Created /opt/.backgrounds, use xsri in window file include
  • Updated wallpaper.lua to use new structure
  • Dropped unused emelfm wrapper.
  • Dropped SWM - Small Window Manager.
  • Fixed link error.
  • Added pop-ups to jwm tray
  • Added *.siag to supported dfm extensions (.dfmext)
  • Restored to 4-in-a-row (same location as in 4.0).
  • Fixed bug in exitcheck (/opt/.filetool.lst)
  • Fixed reported bug in cpanel when booted legacy

Version 4.0

  • Upgraded kernel from 2.4.26 to 2.4.31.
  • Created new support modules: cloop, unionfs, ndiswrapper, fuse, and madwifi in support of kernel change.
  • Changed icon/file manager to dfm for drag-n-drop capability.
  • Updated murgaLua to v0.5.5
  • Updated nano-tiny to v2.0.6.
  • Updated Xpdf to v3.0.2
  • Updated flrun.lua to v1.1.2
  • Updated "Getting Started" to reflect the many changes implemented in 4.0.
  • New dfmext.lua GUI tool for dfm associations.
  • New xtar.lua. A new GUI to view,extract or process as a MyDSL extension various tar files.
  • New netcardconf.lua. A new GUI to configure netcards, relaces dialog version.
  • New printing.lua, called from the printer icon, provides "intelligent icon" to handle all printing needs, from setup, start, stop, or print, double-click or drag-n-drop.
  • New add2filetool.lua, add2Xfiletool.lua, add2bootlocal.lua provides smooth interface for these tasks, double-click or drag-n-drop
  • New switcher.lua GUI to switch WM, jwm, fluxbox, or swm
  • Added sudo to myprism2, myndis, myiwconfig so they can be run from home by double clicking associated icons.
  • New automatic update of etc.ld.cache for better support of uci extensions.
  • Updated frugal_grub install to prompt for MyDSL, boot options, and langauge options.
  • Added 'checkfs' option to grub menu for frugal grub installations.
  • Fixed non-critical bug in dsl-config concerning hard drive installations.
  • Added dsl 3 runlevel for multiple user dsl consoles.
  • Fixed bug in iwconfig-setup
  • Updated fluxbox menus to use system default font (helvetica).
  • Added vim link.
  • Patched knoppix-autoconfig to correct language issues.
  • Updated minirt24.gz waitusb function.
  • Fixed cloop error on traditional hard drive installations.
  • New pendrive usbhdd installation script now uses grub with DSL on 2nd small partition and prompt for boot options.
  • Removed pendrive usbzip install script, syslinux and mtools.
  • Added taskbar buttons & click to focus in .jwmrc
  • Added emelfm - dropped mc
  • Created new Standard Boot floppy & PCMCIA modules floppy.
  • Updated getman/man url
  • Updated .torsmo_ip to fetch ethernet device from /proc
  • Updated functions5.lua
  • Updated DSLpanel Backgrounds calls dfm background option
  • Update mydslDownload.lua
  • Factored out .jwmrc-tray for better user control of tray icon choices.
  • Restored busybox link to provide rpm2cpio.
  • Added gettime.lua to jwm and fluxbox menus.
  • Addded dfmext GUI, add2bootlocal, add2filetool, and add2Xfiletool to jwm and fluxbox menus.
  • Added link

Version 3.x

Version 3.4.x

Version 3.4.7

  • Udated pciutils to 2.2.9
  • Fixed cpanel startup bug when legacy booted.

Version 3.4.6

  • Upgraded torsmo v0.18 (patched to work with no swap)
  • Upgrading to murgaLua v0.5.5 caused several programs to break. These programs have been upgraded.

Version 3.4.5

  • Upgraded Xpdf to v3.0.2
  • Upgraded flrun.lua to v1.1.2
  • Added /lib/ link

Version 3.4.4

  • Updated murgaLua to v0.5.5
  • Updated netconfig.lua - support for .filetool.lst and defaults.
  • Updated minirt24.gz/linuxrc in qemu/embedded edition to support 'toram' booting
  • Added 'checkfs' option to grub menu for frugal grub installations.
  • Restored busybox link to provide rpm2cpio
  • Added gettime.lua to jwm and fluxbox menus.
  • Fallback to torsmo v.017 supports no swap based systems.

Version 3.4.3

  • Updated icontool.lua - select icon by image
  • Updated torsmo v0.18
  • New automatic update of etc.ld.cache for uci .so files
  • Updated functions5.lua
  • Updated mydslDownload.lua
  • Removed obsolete and unused files and directories

Version 3.4.2

  • Update minirt24.gz, replaced waitusb function with sleep
  • Corrected cloop module in minirt24.gz in initrd edition - now 64 cloops in the initrd edition.
  • Updated Standard boot floppy with the new minirt24.gz
  • New netcardconf.lua
  • Updated getman/man url
  • Updated .torsmo_ip to fetch ethernet device from /proc

Version 3.4.1

  • Updated nano-tiny to v2.0.6.
  • Fixed non-critical bug in dsl-config concerning hard drive installations.
  • Fixed bug in Cron when started from DSLpanel.
  • Added dsl 3 runlevel for multiple user dsl consoles.
  • Fixed bug in iwconfig-setup
  • Updated functions5.lua
  • Updated fluxbox menus to use system default (helvetica)
  • Added vim link
  • Patched knoppix-autoconfig to correct language issues.

Version 3.4.0

  • Updated MurgaLua to v0.4.1
  • Added
  • Added acpid. Use boot option "acpid"
  • Added bcrypt. Dropped des
  • Improved emelfm for better CLI support
  • Fixed user umount Debian Woody bug.
  • Updated webdata to use bcrypt
  • Updated file backup/restore to use bcrypt via "protect" boot option.
  • New image added: dsl-3.4-initrd.iso

Version 3.3

  • New flrun.lua replaces grun as the system's run command
  • New gettime.lua to set clock from a time server
  • Updated zoneinfo to support new Daylight Savings Time
  • Restored menu item "Enable Apt" and dpkg-resore download script
  • Updated mydsl tool; download directory is now verified
  • Updated pendrive installation scripts to be device independent both install and runtime
  • Fixed mount tool for cdrom and floppy devices
  • Added ballon help on docked mount tool
  • Added new /opt/bin directory with /opt/bin in PATH
  • Added mouse configuration persistence via .mouse_config
  • Improved rdesktop - added color depth
  • ALSA sound autoconfiguration improvement via conflicting audio module
  • Updated dsl-config to support auto load alsa both .dsl and .unc * Updated mkmydsl to accept additional boot parameters containing slash
  • Added auto start of gtk2 when gtk2 extension is in mydsl search path at boot
  • More install options on dslinstall menu; access via install boot label * Added legacy option to lowram boot image label
  • Added lowram check to .xinitrc - prevents Dillo and Torsmo from starting
  • Updated bootfloppy.img to fix the 16MB memory/ramdisk bug
  • New dsl-split.lua a DSL KNOPPIX file dump to diskettes
  • Updated boot image "install" menu - dslinstall to support new options
  • Created a DSL FreeDOS utilitities diskette bootfloppy-utils.img for access to DOS installaton tools - linld, loadlin
  • Added new keymap
  • Added to remove troublesome extraneous system directories in MyDSL extensions
  • Restored original b44.o module, should resolve hard drive netcard issues in v3.2
  • Cleaned up some leftover empty apt directories and moved to dsl-dpkg extension
  • Fixed typo bug in mkmydsl
  • Fixed typo in exitcheck display of Iwconfig * Fixed bug in when installing from a file
  • Fixed man script to support hard drive installations

Version 3.2

  • Updated murgaLua to v0.3
  • Updated sqlite to v3.3.10
  • Updated madwifi-ng modules.
  • Updated Broadcomm 10/100 module b44.o
  • Updated busybox with >2GB file support.
  • New Cron - A perl cron, with new boot option 'cron' and toggle from control panel.
  • Added wpasupplicant for wireless security.
  • New Mouse Config Lua GUI.
  • Added default tone generator for XMMS.
  • Added Resolution Selection to Rdesktop.lua
  • New boot option "checkfs". Usage: dsl 2 checkfs - for frugals: dsl 2 toram checkfs
  • Simplified MyDSL structure using the level 1 default autoscanned /mydsl directory or user specified level one directory which contains extensions, and optionally the 'optional' subdirectory and/or a 'modules' subdirectory. Dropped now unneeded 'modules' boot time option and support for extensions at level 1.
  • New mkmydsl - Simplified Custom iso maker now even easier than before and supports new MyDSL layout and works for both isolinux and syslinux CD versions. Also supports booting with toram or not. On low resource machines boot with: dsl base norestore mydsl{=hdXY{/dirname}}
  • Updated MyDSL to support direct downloading to all supported and mounted drives/directories.
  • Improved MyDSL download via the Lua GUI - implemented server side parsing.
  • Added volume setting to persist via .umix
  • New allow boot option desktop=xxx to override backup.
  • New alsa.unc and automated Alsa sound card detection.
  • New dsl-dpkg.unc and adjustments to core.
  • dsl2unc conversion script.
  • Added default Netscape to call Firefox
  • Added a default .desktop to /etc/skel for better hard drive support.
  • Updated to add .xserverrc to /etc/skel for better hard drive support.
  • Fixed bad default X & Y for Aterm.lnk
  • Fixed hard drive install permmision problem on /opt/.mydsl_dir
  • For hard drive installs, perform regenerate and modules.dep only upon first boot.
  • Updated "Getting Started" with the new MyDSL simplified directory structure.
  • Updated Qemu to 0.8.2, dropped 60MB virtual hard drive, Added qemu-img - read the new readme.txt!
  • New dsl-pendrive.bat for Qemu to detect booted pendrive.
  • Dropped Synaptic & Enable Apt from menus - use Synaptic and dsl-dpkg extensions.
  • Dropped Update to GNU Utils from menu - use gnu-itils.unc or gnu-utils.dsl.
  • Fixed Emelfm Superuser from menu.

Version 3.1

  • Converted 54 Lua and Lua/Fltk programs to Lua 5.1.1 Fltk 1.1 via MurgaLua interface.
  • Updated sqlite to 3.3.6
  • Made unionfs the default boot. Use "legacy" option to skip.
  • Improved mount tool for "after boot" pendrive support & sort order & missing devices.
  • Updated hard drive install for consistent fstab - cdrom & floppy
  • Updated hard drive install - lilo to partition instead of MBR to support GAG bootloader.
  • Updated frugal lilo - dropped hda requirement & lilo to partition to support GAG bootloader.
  • Improved to support Poormans via Bootfloppy installs.
  • Improved to support Poormans via Bootfloppy installs.
  • Improved dsl-hdinstall & dsl-installboot to support Poormans via Bootfloppy installs.
  • Updated mkdosswapfile to support Poormans via Bootfloppy.
  • New boot option 'dosswapfile' to autoscan or specify dosswapfile.
  • New boot option 'fuse' to load upon boot the fuse system.
  • New License section to "Getting Started" document.
  • Changed mydslPanel, dpkg-restore & gnu-utils made consistent with other extensions to use /opt/.mydsl_dir.
  • Changed mkmydsl script -boot-load-size 4 for beter hardware compatibility.
  • Improved root's PATH, changes .fluxbox/menu .xtdesktop/Aterm.lnk, and /root/.bashrc
  • Improved Antiword fonts.
  • Added right-click to MyDSL Icon for easy UCItool access.
  • Changed color escape codes to echo commands.
  • Made mydsl boot option consistent with restore boot option.
  • Enhanced exitcheck to warn if no backup device when requested to save special settings.
  • Enhanced .torsmorc for ACPI battery indicator - BAT1
  • Updated .fluxbox/menu & .jwmrc for recent menu changes.
  • Added TMPDIR environment variable.
  • New theme - envane

Version 3.0

  • New DSL now boots to unionfs.
  • New boot option "legacy" to boot without unionfs.
  • Moved MyDSL local extension loading functionality from emelfm to MyDSL desktop icon.
  • New mountable MyDSL extension type unc with automatic branch management.
  • Adjust Getting Started/Dillo screen to support booting 640x480.
  • Added ACPI modules for newer power management support.
  • New FUSE support.
  • New sshfs support for simple remote network mounts.
  • Fixed bug in kbdconfig when changing keymaps.
  • Fixed sshd stop issue in early 3.0 RC versions.
  • Fixed reported typos.
  • New theme "A Penguin with a Hat"
  • New unc extension section in the MyDSL Repository.

Version 2.x

Version 2.4

  • 64 cloops for UCI extensions.
  • "User"-less UCI now fully supported.
  • Added Tiny C compiler, tcc
  • Added rsync
  • Added Lua cgi library, cgi.lua with sample test.html/test.lua
  • New updated Ted wordprocessor with help from Ted's author.
  • New updated ndiswrapper v1.14.
  • Improved dmix and sound features, dual channel and save settings.
  • Improved man program - now uses Netrik text browser for display.
  • Adjustment in .xinitrc to better support foreign language keyboards.
  • More cleanup for space savings to accomodate upgraded software.

Version 2.3

  • New auto mydsl. Auto scan for directory named mydsl will automatically load extensions.
  • New DSL natively booted can now recognize the Qemu virtual harddisk. Allows for shared backup.
  • Upgraded Qemu to v0.8 for both Windows and Linux versions.
  • New background image (Saturn) to match current theme.
  • New check and prompt to save APSFILTER printer setup.
  • New check and prompt to save wireless setup.
  • New MyDSL is now a separate menu via a fluxbox [include]
  • New prompt when keyboard is changed while running X.
  • New usb pendrive installs now support "toram"
  • New faster dsl-embedded loading in Windows.
  • New theme and xmms skin
  • New boot floppy supports, fromusb, fromzip, frompcmcia (requires 2nd pcmcia module floppy
  • Improved display of dock app dmix/mount tool.
  • Improved mount tool for cdrom access.
  • Updated Getting Started document.
  • Updated .xinitrc with another correction for better German keyboard support.
  • Fixed UCI loop counter during unmounts.
  • Fixed wep bug 19. Fixed boot options frugal and toram when used together would try to remount /dev/shm
  • Fixed pcmcia cis database.
  • Removed unused icon in dsl-embedded (Flwriter)

Version 2.2

  • Updated dmix - added sync button for easy volume control
  • Updated Wallpaper.lua now has color chooser for background color
  • Updated pcitable to correctly support Broadcom b44 module
  • New extension check upon exit, will remind/allow user to save extensions downloaded to ramdisk before shutdown
  • Updated French keymaps
  • For maximum hardware support on older computers, kernel and modules were changed back to 2.4.26 including legacy scsi and zipdrive support
  • calcoo replaces xcalc
  • Updated and Enhanced index.html for Money websever
  • USB 2.0 boot time detection added to isolinux version
  • New waitusb boot time option
  • Updated mkfloppy - now prompts for device
  • Qemu version now supports boot time UCI loading
  • Ted help/manual now off loaded to current/documentation section of the download site
  • General cleanup of some unused directories and libraries, and modules

Version 2.1

  • New SATA boot time support (see boot time f3)
  • New Icontool GUI controls many icon features.
  • New docked.lua - Lua dock apps - mount and dMix replace and wmix.
  • New mount.lua - Lua GUI disk mount tool.
  • New dMix = Lua GUI sound mixer.
  • New ucitool.lua - Lua GUI lists UCI mounts & allows easy deinstall of UCI's.
  • New Torsmo replaces asmem, wmcpuload, & wmnet to better support both window managers.
  • New Ted replaces Flwriter.
  • New .xpdfrc - to support direct printing from Xpdf.
  • New links - Lua links download wrapper.
  • New added Thai keyboard support.
  • Updated xtdesk improved dragging when double click enabled.
  • Updated busybox - new commands, dpkg, mknod, rpm, rpm2cpio, time, uuencode and large file support.
  • Update filetool.lua GUI - added NONE option to skip backup/restore.
  • Update wordview.lua GUI - added file chooser for *.doc.
  • Update System Stats GUI - added more views and better font.
  • Updated Calendar - supports year and full page printing Calendar.
  • Update pendrive_usb install scripts - optionally display all sd type devices.
  • Updated extended ramdisk to use swap only if not using 'toram' option.
  • Updated formula for better use of ram when using 'toram' option.
  • Updated for new default display in fluxbox.
  • Updated .bash_profile for user 'dsl' at runlevel 3.
  • Updated man - now uses wget/less instead of links.
  • Updated USB 2.0 boot time support fixed typo.
  • Updated jwm menu - added missing tools section and general cleanup.
  • Updated scripts for restarting xtdesk icon manager.
  • Updated boot error when trying to boot dsl embedded via cdrom.
  • Updated Mountpoint function to correctly handle multiple mounts of the same device.
  • Updated umounting UCI type extensions while running Fluxbox.
  • Updated emelfm - icons would appear even when 'noicons' was choosen.
  • Moved DSL version number to System Stats.

Version 2.0

  • new kernel 2.4.31 and modules
  • new 64 cloops
  • new prism2 support
  • updated ndiswrapper support
  • new autodetected LT winmodems
  • new naim patched for TOC2 - dropped bsflite
  • new PCMCIA card control GUI
  • new floppy tool GUI.
  • updated Firefox and with mine types for mailto and irc, bookmarks
  • updated pcmcia-cs to v3.2.5
  • fixed usb hotplug
  • new toram combined with /optional dir w/ prompts if needed.
  • rewrote cloop management up to 64 cloops
  • updated iwconfig to show IP upon connection.
  • updated prism2 to show IP upon connection
  • updated ndiswrapper to IP upon connection
  • updated DSLpanel added System Stats, Date Time, and others..
  • updated right-click icons for super user on Emelfm, Xterm, and Beaver
  • fixed xtdeskrc for ShadowColor
  • updated Date/Time display in fluxbox/init
  • updated wallpaper lua
  • updated dsl-restore & for named pipes and valid devices
  • added hack for extending ramdisk to use swap
  • Added more base timezones
  • Enhanced LTmodem detection.
  • Corrected myDSL menu with persistent home usage
  • Updated kernel with SATA module support.
  • Enhanced Siag external load to use wget
  • Enhanced German keyboard support
  • Added a minimal version of Joe's Window Manager (see F3 at boot)
  • Enhanced Firefox for more mime types and better java support.
  • Added GtkFind utility.
  • Updated jwm for right-click on root window menu.
  • Updated xtdesk for single or double click icons

Version 1.x

Version 1.5:

  • New Appointment Calendar program
  • New System Stats program
  • Added Xzoom
  • Updated Dillo
  • Updated Xtdesk - single click icons!
  • Added bsflite for AIM & ICQ
  • Added grub to base system
  • Added frugal_grub and pendrive installs to base system.
  • Enhanced frugal installs to install from pendrives
  • Enhanced frugal installs Web option to use .dslrc (mirrors)
  • Enhanced hard drive install for choice of grub or lilo
  • Enhanced webdata with "passive"
  • Updated Set Date/Time to start with system time.
  • Moved dock apps to .xinitrc for better user choice.
  • Fixed multiple wmnets on repeated dial ups.
  • Improved shell environment - /etc/profile sourced only upon login
  • Added home/dsl/mnt to default .xfiletool.lst
  • Updated new theme and xmms skin.
  • Updated Getting Started - frugal & hard drive installs
  • Updated Install boot option menu

Version 1.4

  • Added "minimal" boot option - will use Minimal theme
  • Added "lowram" boot command, this is not an option parameter use instead of "dsl" like fb800x600. This will boot with most "options" turned off and use the new "minimal" option.
  • Moved desktop doc apps from tools and wmix from xmms to the desktop section of the menu.
  • pppdial now has its own wmnet
  • Added "Upgrade to GNU Utilites" to the menu tools section. This also does an md5sum check on the download and install of gnu-utils.dsl
  • Upgraded the dpkg-restore script to now md5sum check the download before proceeding with the installation.
  • Removed the "Enhance" option from the hard drive install script. Now, use, instead the new menu option to upgrade.
  • New "install" boot command. Based somewhat on lowram, boots to a CLI installation menu.
  • New dslinstall CLI menu, for hard drive, frugals, pendrives, floppies
  • New mkfloppy script used in the above and now also on the fluxbox menu
  • Re-organized "tools" section of fluxbox menu.
  • Fixed the emelfm bug causing disabling of some icons. Fixed now, with updates to .emelfm/buttons and .emelfm/filetypes
  • New F3 screen displays new boot commands and options.
  • Added new Wallpaper/Background selector GUI. Desktop > Wallpapers
  • Cleaned up bashburnrc leftovers
  • Removed Xcrusier, XPacman, & Toys
  • Added Ace of Penguins: Canfield,Freecell,Golf,Mastermind,Minesweeper,Pegged,Solitaire,Taipedit,Taipei,Thornq
  • Enhanced "frugal" installs giving dsl user write access to /cdrom
  • Fixed dsl-embedded (Qemu) to allow uci type extensions.
  • Fixed dynamic extension icon display on hard drive installs.
  • Fixed emelfm toolbar open xterm bug.
  • Dropped wmxmms.
  • Added new DSL xmms skin.
  • Updated "Getting Started"

Version 1.3.x

Version 1.3.1

  • fixed Apps > Tools > Mirror Selector
  • Added a new Dillo icon for better alignment
  • finally found and fixed those "coninue" typos
  • fixed incorrect heading for CDW in hosting aterm
  • Changed menu entry from "Icons Only" to "Icons/Align"

Version 1.3.0

  • Created an Icon layout manager for xtdesk.
  • Improved icon and menu persistence with extensions.
  • Created a GUI date/time tool. System>Set Date Time
  • Created a frugal grub install script.
  • Replaced rxvt with aterm and added transparency xshell options.
  • Updated naim.
  • Replaced Bash Burn with cdw.
  • Changed filetool.lst, xfiletool.lst, and webdata.lst to be hidden.
  • Reduced iso by stripping libraries of debug symbols
  • Many typo's have been fixed
  • Fixed 2button mouse bug
  • Adding users capability is now defaulted
  • Fixed xvesa "leftovers" bug when choosing lower resolutions
  • Fixed eth0 disable upon use of pon
  • Fixed the null menu bug upon loading certain menuless extensions
  • Deprecated the "ci" extension type
  • Added persistence to embedded user.tar.gz for uci types
  • Internet man page lookup bug fixed
  • New default theme
  • Fixed permissions in dsl-embedded for Linus files
  • Fixed reset noload flag for hard drive installed root mydsl-loading

Version 1.2.x

Version 1.2.1

  • Restored GNU tar command
  • Updated xzgv with security patch
  • Corrected boot logo screen

Version 1.2.0

  • New .dslrc to save local mirror and protocol.
  • New GUI Mirror selector for .dslrc, Apps->Tools->Mirror Selector
  • Enhanced mydsl boot time option to accept a directory
  • Enhanced backup/restore now defaults to /home/dsl and with xfiletool.lst to specify files and dirs to exclude from backup
  • Enhanced ndiswrapper,prism2, iwconfig GUI's for public access points
  • Enhanced mydsl to prevent non-DSL user corruption
  • Enhanced frugal and pendrive scripts to allow updates
  • Updated monkey webserver to 0.9.1
  • Updated busybox to 1.0
  • New boot logo screen.
  • New default theme, Tree_and_Moon

Version 1.1

  • New boot time option "secure" will prompt for passwords for root & dsl
  • New boot time option "protect" will prompt for an encryption password and then triple des encrypt the backup file
  • New boot time option "host" to pass hostname. Use as boot: dsl host=web123
  • Added webdata, a triple des secure backup/restore to remote ftp server
  • lspci now display textual description from pci database
  • Added button to emelfm "Add2Filetool" to easily select and add files to the filetool.lst. Works from CLI as well
  • Updated word view, excel view, and powerpoint view to accept spaces in filenames -- note only these MS utils will support this feature
  • Corrected group bug in /usr/bin/rebuildfstab
  • Changed typos in Getting Started
  • Created work-around for the improper interactions of just a few programs with restarting xtdesk from within emelfm
  • dsl-embedded upgraded to qemu-0.7

Version 1.0.x

Version 1.0.1

  • md5sum options made compatible with both the default (busybox) and gnu versions
  • nfs fixed missing directory
  • changed to use sfdisk instead of fdisk. Should help install on newer larger drives

Version 1.0.0

  • Added progress bar to mydsl download browser.
  • Added many more file associations to emelfm including: siag, wav, and ps.
  • Changed default font in firefox to Sans Serif.
  • Moved firefox into path.
  • Upgraded xpdf.
  • Fixed various bugs including: KNOPPIX ref in firefox mimeTypes, fluxter restart, uci unloading, and syslinux ver of hdinstall.

Release Candidates (RC)

Release Candidate 2 (RC2)

  • fixed kbdconfig selector
  • added Minimal theme
  • emelfm double-click calls wordview
  • added xlhtml, ppthtml & linked to emelfm double-click
  • fixed Monkey stop bug
  • fixed missing buttons in Siag

Release Candidate 1 (RC1)

  • New MyDSL gui for downloading and saving extensions
  • New Rdesktop gui, icon, and menu item
  • New UCI now supports unloading of icon and menu items
  • New boot time option for persistent home and/or opt
  • New default theme, icons, and font.
  • Improved icon and menu control
  • Improved adding users to liveCD
  • Improved xsetup for better serial mouse support and keyboard selection
  • Improved mydsl-load now supports direct downloading and verifying checksum from specified library
  • Improved MS Word Viewer with convert to PDF or PS
  • Improved pppdial to display ppp0 net activity in wmnet
  • Documentation project added to Getting Started doc
  • Make MyDSL (simplified remaster) added to menu
  • fixed mc root issue
  • fixed ntfs mount issue
  • Many unused files and directories were eliminated

Beta Versions 0.x

Beta Versions 0.9.x

Beta Version 0.9.3

  • FLwriter replaces Pathetic Writer
  • usb 2.0 detected upon boot
  • faster loading firefox with extension support
  • net man link updated
  • ext3 option for hard drive installs
  • postscript viewer and word viewer added to office menu

Beta Version 0.9.2

  • Added new iwconfig gui and updated control panel.
  • Added back smbtree.
  • Added "qemu" boot time option to use shared pseudo harddisk. (see 5-way).
  • New dsl-embedded version now supports 5 ways to boot your pendrive see its readme.
  • Corrected bug with tcc.
  • Linked some libraries to better support extensions.
  • Fixed some typos and general cleanup.
  • Syslinux version also available for older machines.

Beta Versions 0.9.1.x

Beta Version

Robert put together a SysLinux version of 0.9.1. You folks who have older hardware which isn't compatible with IsoLinux can now boot the latest version of DSL from a CD like everyone else.

  • dsl-0.9.1-syslinux.iso
  • 482118c204ab4eed533d761989c62e2d dsl-0.9.1-syslinux.iso
Beta Version
  • Replaced ascd and enjoympeg with xmms
  • Added news feed section for xmms
  • beaver replaces minimum profit editor
  • fluxter replaces bbpager for better integration
  • Updated firefox default mimeTypes
  • removed smbtree, isoinfo, readcd
  • theme intelligent Fluxter replaced bbpager

For more information Read the details in the screenshot

Beta Version 0.9.0

  • added Firefox web browser
  • MediaPlayer, enjoympeg and ascd doc app replaces xmms
  • Minimum Profit editor replaces Scite and Zile
  • added spell checking for Sylpheed email
  • update emelfm filetypes for multimedia
  • many space saving cuts were implemented
  • dropped Tuxnes and Mutella

Beta Versions 0.8.x

Beta Version 0.8.4

  • New Siag Office word processor
  • New Siag Office spreadsheet
  • Dropped Ted
  • Dropped ABS
  • Adjustments to smbclient gui
  • Adjustments control panel for backup
  • Adjustments to mydslgui color legend
  • Some cleanup and removal of old files

Beta Version 0.8.3

  • New control panel GUI
  • New Xvesa video setup GUI
  • New smbclient GUI
  • Improved mydsl GUI now groups applications according to category.
  • New autorestore of backup files, with boot time "norestore" override
  • Updated prism2 to support autodetected usb ethernet card
  • Updated mc colors when issued from cli
  • Added mkdosswapfile script
  • fixed restart window manager - bbpager

Beta Version 0.8.2

  • Added ndiswrapper with GUI
  • Added add users to liveCD with GUI
  • Improved dial-up PPP with controlling GUI
  • Added prims2 setup GUI
  • Frugal mounted read/write, backup/restore & mydsl in a single partition.
  • Added emelfm as super-user menu item
  • Changed colors of mc when launched from menu.
  • Added View in Scite emelfm user command.

Beta Versions 0.8.1.x

Beta Version

Robert Shingledecker discovered a bug in 0.8.1 and did a quick fix.
"There is a bug in and filetool gui. If the user first mounts the device then no problem.
If the device is not mounted then the script tries the usb pendrive then floppy as if no backup device has been selected even though one was entered in the gui.
I (John Andrews) have corrected the bug.
By correcting the bug I have also enabled fromhd and frugal to be able to write to the single partition. Before only usb pendrive was enable to write back to the single partition. So we gain with the change."
In fixing the bug Robert has also made a major improvement, now we can write to the same partition with a frugal or 'fromhd' install.
I know I am a codeveloper and I am obviously biased, but that impresses the hell out of me. Now even with a frugal-IDE setup we can have an install, backup and MyDSL on the same partition. That is just too cool!
This really should be a 0.8.2, because I believe it is a major new feature, but I don't think it would be okay to spamdex distrowatch with back to back releases.

Beta Version
  • Added "Make USB edition" to tools menu.
  • Enhanced mkmydsl script to pass boot time options to cd
  • New filetool gui front end to file backup/restore
  • Enhanced dslpanel, added printer setup and new filetool gui
  • Enhanced mydslgui, supports more network types
  • Enhanced, simplify device, works with usb pendrive (sda1)
  • Enhanced mydsl-load, supports runlevel 2
  • Fixed changing passwords on liveCD

Beta Version 0.8.0

  • updated kernel and modules
  • new boot floppy
  • new uci single file cloop extensions
  • call from reboot
  • updated Xsnapshot
  • new xcuriser
  • updated myDSLgui
  • updated frugal_install
  • updated dsl-hdinstall
  • updated mkmydsl
  • updated
  • more cloop devices

Beta Versions 0.7.x

Beta Version 0.7.3

  • boots directly in enhanced X desktop 1024x768x32 and mouse auto detected when default video mode is used
  • added boot time options of
    • xsetup This will prompt the user with the original X setup screens
    • noicons This will start the desktop without enhanced options
    • vga=normal This is now displayed on the F2 screen
  • added the ability to mount and umount the .ci extensions via the myDSL button
    • first time mounts it, do it again and it umounts it
  • updated cardmgr to 3.2.2
  • removed nfs-common from startup* added .wgetrc for user control of wget
  • corrected perms on /dev/cdrom for xmms audio CD play by user
  • corrected some more user damnsmall to dsl, IRCNICK, emelfm
  • corrected emelfm 5f bug and nedit reference to Scite
  • updated "Getting Started" to reflect recent changes and enhancements to system
  • Scite replaced Beaver
  • linked /etc/chatscripts into /opt/ppp/chatscripts
  • added mouse capability to mc via the -tn xterm -e mc
  • enhanced mydsl-load script to not allow duplicates in the myDSL menu when users load the same extension.
  • removed locate and related files as they require gnu-utils to work. They will be added into gnu-utils.dsl.
  • changed tzconfig to prompt and enter TZ code, e.g. PST8PDT
  • flua replaces lua

Beta Version 0.7.2

  • added myDSLgui, a Click and Run system for extensions
  • added Lua scripting language and Lua sockets
  • replaced Scite with Beaver
  • replaced nvi with vim
  • changed user from damnsmall to dsl (also took 'damn' out of the boot process)
  • upgraded busybox
  • simplified filetool.lst usage - always edit at home
  • updated firefox flash plugin in firefox download script
  • actually shrunk the ISO by nearly 1 MB from 0.7.1

This release was pretty much a collaborative effort

Beta Version 0.7.1

  • Added myDSL new extension type "ci" compressed iso (greatly reduces memory requirements)
  • Added myDSL "optional" directory to store extensions that will not automatically load but appear on an installation menu
  • Added mydsl-load script to load extensions on-demand
  • Added myDSL button to emelfm to easily load extensions on-demand
  • Added boot option "base" to skip all myDSL functions
  • Added A script to store commands to execute upon system shutdown
  • Enhanced, dsl-restore for more command line options.
  • Added select mouse port on X setup includes serial ports
  • Enhanced user tips from the forums

Again, Robert Shingledecker is responsible for the improvements in this release.

Beta Version 0.7.0

  • myDSL, an easy way to extend DamnSmall
  • added Synpatic download script
  • added gRun which replaced fbrun
  • fixed bug passing current video mode for hard drive install
  • added enhancements to emelfm
  • added tips from the DSL forums
  • created OpenOffice extension
  • created AbiWord extension
  • created GCombust extension
  • created Samba extension
  • created Ace of Penguins extension
  • created GNU utils extension
  • created firefox extension

This release is the result of many hours of hard work by Robert Shingledecker and his correspondence with members of the DSL forums.
Learn more here.

Beta Versions 0.6.x

Beta Version 0.6.3

  • Added new application: control-panel
  • Added new application hdparm
  • Added new game Xtris
  • Enhanced xsetup:
    • "cancel" option to use wheel mouse if found, otherwise the 3 button mouse
  • Enhanced dsl-hdinstall:
    • added colors
    • check for actual Linux partition
      • prompts for multi-user otherwise boots into X as user damnsmall
    • Enhanced mkliloboot
      • pass actual video mode used during boot
  • Enhanced knoppix-autoconfig
    • added toram and frugal options
    • embedded dsl-start into knoppix-autoconfig for faster boot up
    • added ftp boot time shortcut to start betaftpd
  • Enhanced boot.img
    • changed from "knoppix" to "dsl"
    • updated F2 screen to reflect new "dsl"
    • updated F2 added ftp to daemons options list
  • Enhanced knoppix-halt
    • Added "Wait for CD to eject, remove CD, then close cdrom drive, press enter"
  • Added code to bypass prompt if toram or frugal
  • Fixed bug Alt-tab
    • copied missing "keys" file to /etc/X11/fluxbox/keys
  • Enhanced fluxbox menu
    • Added soundcardconfig, wlcardcardconf, tzconfig, kbdconfig
    • abs -geometry 640x480
  • Replaced busybox tar applet with GNU tar
    • Busybox tar has a bug
  • Enhanced frugal_install
    • Added options for target to install from LiveCD, File, or Web URL
  • Also, we have a new USBboot image, look to the mirrors to download

The new features in this release of DSL are the result of joint efforts from Robert Shingledecker and John Andrews.

Beta Version 0.6.2

  • new hacked GTK app theme (a little darker, easier on the eyes than default)
  • update rdesktop
  • added documentation on TCC
  • added an intelligent man script which knows the difference between a regular app and a busybox app.
  • net dictionary
  • added text links to the menu
  • SQLite Book (Perl/SQLite record keeper)
  • fixed ogg123/mpg123
  • Enhanced install script by Robert Shingledecker can now restore most of the regular apps and libs which BusyBox has replaced on the live CD

Look at the new screenshot for more details.

Beta Version 0.6.1

  • upgraded Monkey web server
  • upgraded Naim
  • switched the Firebird download to a special i586 build of FireFox
  • added command line ftp client
  • added betaftpd
  • added Mutella gnutella client
  • added wmix (dockapp mixer)
  • restored telnet client
  • fixed some bugs
  • added a few usability enhancements
  • **frugal install** an evolution of the poorman's install

Thanks to the user-base for finding the bugs and making suggestions.
Robert Shingledecker wrote the outstanding 'frugal' script.

Beta Version 0.6.0

  • New kernel and modules supporting more hardware (based on Knoppix 3.3)
  • Implemented space saving busybox
  • Implemented space saving by dpkg-restore now restores not only package structure but also related programs
  • Improved backup/restore to a specific device (hard drive, etc)
  • Improved ppp dial scripts (no more manual edits)
  • Improved hard drive install script to pass fb800x600 screen size, also improved speed of installation.
  • Menu reorganization for easier navigation.
  • New /opt/ for user required misc system startup commands.
  • New Getting Started with DSL online help
  • Improved xsetup script, use cancel for Xvesa default shortcut
  • New F2 boot options screen specific for DSL
  • New shortcuts at boot time, Xvesa, enhance, & daemons
  • Added new application INDEX small database (PIM)
  • Added features for XMMS

Virtually all of the improvements for 0.6.0 are the results of Robert Shingledecker's hard work.

Beta Versions 0.5.x

Beta Versions 0.5.3.x

Beta Version

  • gPhone (Gnome-o-Phone) a P2P VoIP internet telephone client
  • Monkey web server bug fix
  • Replaced nes game "BattleTank 2000" with "Munchie Attack"
  • new Fluxbox theme

Beta Version

Beta Version 0.5.2

  • mkisofs
  • cdrecord
  • bashburn (easy to use text mode CD burning utility)
  • gTuxnes (interactive gui for tuxnes)
  • smbclient
  • smbtree
  • a working /opt that is writable from the CD
  • midnight commander (many features stripped)
  • skel now works for root when installed

Robert Shingledecker did the hard work needed to have the functional /opt.

Beta Versions 0.5.1.x

Beta Version

a quick bug fix release

  • Removed AA font option from Fluxbox
  • Made the dsl-hdinstall script clean up some left over files
  • fixed fluxbox menu selected X-setup error
  • fixed bbpager/enhance bug

Beta Version

  • Added .bash_profile for user control of startup programs. Both LiveCD (with restore option) and hard drive installed users will benefit
  • Improved system architecture and hard-drive install scripts to allow for a more traditional multi-user installation. Each added user's environment is like the LiveCD's damnsmall user. User damnsmall can now be removed
  • updated fluxbox
  • scite in place of nedit (size issue)
  • mformat (needed to take advantage of the restore script use with floppy)
  • modified install script to work with low ram systems
  • lprng/gs/apsfilter** for broad printer support(including all the great
  • ghostscript utilities) NTFS read made to work with user damnsmall

Robert Shingledecker is responsible for getting the a functional .bash_profile and the working multi-user envornment.
Peter Sieg gave me the patch for the install script to get it to work with low ram systems.
I (John Andrews) am using the ghostscript and apsfilter package from Deli Linux because of its relative compact size and low dependencies when compared to the equivalent from the Debian system.

Beta Version 0.5.0

  • Local .xinitrc
  • Save/Restore user settings menu option
  • Boot time "restore" option (type "knoppix restore" at boot)
  • program now recognizes the usbdrive
  • Firebird now runs as user damnsmall
  • added sqlite
  • removed ispell
  • Removed flwriter
  • Added Ted-gtk w/ US English spell check
  • removed option to set frequency (didn't work quite right)
  • added option to set dpi.

Thank you to Robert Shingledecker for the major code and debugging contribution in this release.

Beta Versions 0.4.x

Beta Version 0.4.10

  • compiled new Xvesa and Xfbdev Xservers from CVS.

These servers just work better -- mouse scroll is better, and there is no longer the need to re-map the mouse buttons.
That mouse and X bug in 0.4.9 should be gone now.

  • A fun addition for this release is TuxNES, and an assortment of public domain games.

There are hundreds more available by download. As odd as it may seem, the games made for the 18 year old entertainment system are a very good match with DSL.

  • With help from Robert Shingledecker, added 'alias block-major-8 usb-storage' to /etc/modules.conf so that it is possible to dynamically load usb-storage only when mounting usb drives.
  • With this in mind I (John Andrews) added 'sudo mount -t vfat -o uid=damnsmall /dev/sda /mnt/usb' to the menu. Robert Shingledecker, worked out the logic of this.
  • The Firebird install script is updated to 0.7
  • a new Fluxbox theme, "Lawn"
  • Added Nano-tiny.

Beta Version 0.4.9

  • **Bug Found** If you have anything other than a /dev/psaux scroll capable mouse use 0.4.8 instead. Details here.
  • For simplifying the restoration of apt after a HD install, I (John Andrews) wrote a small script that will do the work of restoring the dpkg database so people don't have to do it manually. To use it type 'sudo dpkg-restore'.
  • I brought emeLFM more into the DSL system, now it should launch installed programs when items are clicked on; also, now it will open with $HOME on one side and '/ ' on the other.
  • Also added is nfs-common (lockd, statd, showmount, and nfsstat) and protmap which should allow DSL to act as a thin client

(thanks for the suggestion Robert S.) .

  • With email help from Keith Packard, I was able to hack in some wheel mouse support. I had to reassign button 4 and 5 because they were reversed. The wheel action isn't perfect, there is no 'continuous flow', but a break after the initial movement. One way to get around this is to hold the scroll down while moving the the mouse slightly.
  • Naim also has a ICQ and IRC client built in, but were not functional in DSL until this release.
  • Finally, I modified the Firebird download script so that it interacts with the xtdesk icons.

Beta Version 0.4.8

  • I (John Andrews) added Fabian Franz's 'toram' linuxrc routine. So the whole system could be put into ram. It requires only 64M of ram. To run in ram boot with 'knoppix toram'.
  • Because the CD could be removed when DSL runs from ram I added the CD player plugin for XMMS; it is a menu option.
  • As suggested, I added a routine that makes an icon for Firebird after download.
  • I did some install clean up.
    • Firebird will only run from the ramdisk as root but runs fine under 'damnsmall' after HD install -- the install script runs some perl regex to strip out the sudo from the menu after install. The Firebird icon will act in a similar manner.
  • The /var/tmp/ to /tmp/ cleaner after install.
  • I restored the ability to chose language specific keyboard layout (e.g. 'lang=de'), the default is US English.
  • The Debian 'wireless-tools' package was added.
  • Fixed a small bug in Xpacman where the left and right control reverse if one uses custom direction keys. Finally, I re-mapped the controls to e = up, d = down, x = left, c = right. Those keys work with German, French, and English.

Beta Version 0.4.7

  • New apps and features
    • parted (partition tool)
    • rdesktop (RDP client for Windows NT/2000 Terminal Server)
    • xpacman (fun and tiny Pacman game)
    • updated the Firebird script to 0.6.1
    • update lilo
    • added an option to set frequency for the Xvesa server
  • Bugs and Cleanups
    • fixed some post-install bugs (sudo, swap)
    • did a little post install script cleaning
    • fixed irc bug
    • fixed screensaver bug

There have been a lot of requests for redsktop and GNU/parted.
On the entertainment side, Xpacman couldn't be passed up with a binary of just 22k.
I (John Andrews) have been working on smoothing DSL out, so some time was put into fixing bugs and getting DSL to install on the hard drive with fewer knocks.

Beta Version 0.4.6

  • Dillo with more patches!

Andreas Kemnade was kind enough to modify his SSL patch to make it compatible with Frank de Lange's frames and tabs patch. The binary is only 337k!

  • added traceroute
  • fixed a rendering problem with netcardconfig
  • modified startx so that it will save your selected settings for the next X session -- run '' as root if you want to change it.

Beta Version 0.4.5

  • generic printer support
  • Fluxbox and most X applications are running under user 'damnsmall' instead of root.
  • For convenience, I (John Andrews) added sudo.
  • added Microcom (a very small serial terminal emulator). And for the kids, I added Oneko.
  • bug fix: the swap partition should be properly recognized which makes DSL more compatible with low ram systems.
  • Added a tabs and frames enabled, patched version of Dillo (still only 335k and very fast!).
  • a few small desktop enhancements
    • remapped the icons so that they fit in the smallest resolution setting.
    • made the enhance feature smarter, so that it will not launch duplicate applications, but will bring bbpager into theme compliance.
    • a new theme: FoggyNight. For the default theme, I switched the baby tux to a more colorful version donated--thanks Beach!

Beta Version 0.4.4

  • Mount.App, a handy app for quickly mounting and unmounting drives.
  • telnet (highly requested)
  • less
  • un/zip
  • autofs
  • a new version of Links-Hacked.

Beta Version 0.4.3

  • We have desktop icons! This is possible because of the fantastically small XtDesktop X Windows desktop icon manager by Dmitry Ovechkin.
  • I (John Andrews) wrote some notes on how to do a hard drive install.

Beta Version 0.4.2

  • After using GNU strip on some of my custom-compiled binaries I (John Andrews) was able to make room for some nice new apps.
  • replaced XFMail with Sylpheed.
  • added Xpaint for image editing
  • Added Xzgv for image viewing.

Beta Version 0.4.1

  • there is the choice of two X servers -- Xvesa and Xfbdev. Xfbdev uses the framebuffer provided by the Linux framebuffer device. That means it may be a much better choice for older laptops. In fact I (John Andrews) have a couple of old laptops (Pentium I) that were completely incompatible with Xvesa but worked very well with the framebuffer server. The key is to use a FB that your laptop can support -- this has to be selected at boot time. In the case of these two Pentium Is fb800x600 did the trick.

(If your hardware supports it, Xvesa is still preferred because it is more flexible and faster)

  • emelFM file manager. I liked worker a lot, but emelFM is simpler and has practically no learning curve. Also, emelFM is smaller than Worker, and I needed the room!

Beta Versions 0.3.x

Beta Version 0.3.11

  • DSL now has PCMCIA support to connect laptops to the internet, and an experimental routine to grab Mozilla Firebird from the internet and auto install the browser while holding it in memory -- this works pretty well if you have a fast connection and the ram.

I (John Andrews) would like some feedback on the Firebird grabbing routine. Tell me if you like it; tell me if you hate it.

Beta Version 0.3.10

  • VNCviewer, the Virtual Network Computing client.
  • new release for Links-Hacked (now has tabs :-))
  • Naim (Aim, Icq, IRC).

Beta Version 0.3.9

  • PPP over Ethernet (PPPoE), to work with adsl connections.
  • XMMS can now play MPEGs thanks to the SDL plugin.
  • Zile, a very small yet powerful EMACS clone.

Beta Version 0.3.8

  • a very nice X configuration script courtesy Andreas Granig.
  • Monkey web server, it is very small but very nice.
  • For the hacker on the run, I (John Andrews) added TinyCC. TCC is the smallest C compiler available for Linux. It is blazingly fast, so fast that you can write executable scripts in C!
  • USB mouse support.

Beta Version 0.3.7

  • Peter Sieg has donated PPP/WvDial setup scripts that simplify the modem config and dial up process.
  • DSL-HDInstall - adapted from the knx-hdinstall by Peter. It is still very new and needs more testing -- so if you try it out please send me feedback. Many thanks Peter for the help!

Here is the man page for Xvesa. You may find it useful if you are having a hard time configuring X to play nice with your system.
Here is an Xvesa tip: Try adding '-shadow' to the configure script when you select your resolution, this will tell Xvesa to use shadow framebuffer. It can really speed up rendering on some computers.
Speaking of X, the Xvesa server is not going to look good on all systems. I've had some difficulties with older laptops. One thing that I recommend doing is to type 'X -listmodes' at the command prompt to see what your bios is capable of.

Special Notes

  • Thank you M. Lew for the simple and clean site design.
  • Also, a BIG thanks to the folks at Hostingohio who are letting me host this project on their server for free. The system admin is a class act!

Please contact me if you have any comments, criticisms, and especially improvements or hacks, my email address is:
john _at_