DSL On Intel Mac with Parallels Virtualization

From DSL Wiki

I have confirmed that DSL with run in virtualization on an Intel Mac Mini. This method requires Parallels (commercial software, $80).

Use the virtualization wizard to create a virtual machine.

Choose Linux OS

Choose Linux24 kernel

Allocate memory (I chose 512 so that I could boot "toram"_

Bridge either eth0 (standard ethernet) or Eth1 (Airport) to your virtual machine.

Allocate HD space for your dsl extensions, etc.

Change the boot sequence to boot from cd.

Insert your DSL cd and start the virtual machine.

Voila! DSL on Mac!

Running DSL Without A CD

It is possible to run DSL within a VM, without having a disk in the drive.

Simply choose to boot off the standard ISO image within the DSL-vmx distribution, rather than choosing a physical disk like the instructions above . On OS X, you can run the DSL on SUN Virtual Box (VB) from the iso. Just create a new machine "Other Linux" with 512mo of ram and dynamic space drive where you can install DSL if you want. To load the iso, in the optical drive preferences of VB, choose to boot from an iso file, select the list icon, and just drag the file into the list. Boot the VB and savourez DSL!!!