DSL on Old Computers

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Successful Frugal Installs

  • Compaq Armada 1571DM, 48MB RAM
  • Digital HiNote VP, 28MB RAM
  • Toshiba T4900ct, 40MB RAM
  • IBM 755cx, 40MB RAM (Commandline Only)
  • IBM 755cx, 32MB RAM (Commandline Only)

Successful HDD Installs

  • Toshiba Satellite Pro 440CDT (P1 133MHz, 64MB RAM, 6GB HDD)
  • Toshiba Tecra 510CDT (had to put the disk into another machine)
  • Acer 645A (16MB RAM, 792MB Disk space). Runs adequately considering the chip clock of 60MHz
  • HP Omnibook 800 CT (P1 100MHz, 48MB RAM, 810 MB HDD). Internal mouse not working, using a serial mouse.
  • some Yakumo PC (Pentium 1 MMX (166 MHZ) , 32MB Ram, 20GB HDD, ASUS P/I-P55T2P4 Mainboard, Creative ViBRA16C Sound card, Trident TGUI9680-1 VGA Board) - it appers to work flawless.