How to transfer files between Embedded and host Windows system

From DSL Wiki

Here is how you get the files on to your Windows hard drive:

1) Connect your computer to a network. Local LAN, whole Internet, doesn't matter. 2) In Windows, create a network share directory, or use the built-in one called "SharedDocs". You may need to enable read/write authority for your share. 3) In Windows, open up a command prompt (Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Command Prompt). 4) For Win2k/WinXP, type "ipconfig" and write down your IP Address.

5) Go into DSL embedded. Open up smbclient window. Type in your IP Address for the "Computer Name". Type in the EXACT Sharename "SharedDocs"? and a username/password combination. 6) When you get to the smbclient command prompt, type "get filename" to retrieve a file from the Windows share directory, or type "put filename" to send a file over to the Windows share directory. 7) When you are done type exit, quit, or bye (I forget the exact command).