How to Upload Your New Extension

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1. open an ATerminal window, change to the directory your extension is in.

2. type "md5sum extension.tar.gz > extension.md5.txt

3. create the file "" using the following template:

Title:          my_program.dsl
Description:    Program I made into a MyDSL extension
Version:        42
Copying-policy: Whatever license my program uses (GPL, BSD, MIT, etc)

Extension by:   me
Comments:       This is a really awesome application that does many
                useful things that I think the DSL community will 
                benefit from.
                It requires the xxxx.dsl and the yyyy.dsl to function.
                This was repackaged from the my_program_42.0-0_i386.deb file
                found at stable. Includes icon and menu.
Change-log:	08/24/2005 - First DSL Version
Current:	09/12/2042 - Upgraded and Revised for xxxx-new.dsl

Send all three files as attachments to:

Once received it will be posted into the testing area of the repository and it will be included in the monthly announcement in the "Testing Area."

NOTE: While you're at it, make two tarballs ("tar.gz" files): One containing executables and one containing all the text files. You can keep the text tarball for your own use and send it to others who ask for documentation.