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Universal Rules

These rules apply to and are enforced in all of the DSL public chat channels.


There will be no profanity allowed in the DSL Channels. We get many kinds of people, from all over the world, of all ages in our channels, and we wish to keep the channels friendly to all users. People who continue to constantly use profanity, even after being warned by our channel operators, will be banned temporarily. Repeat offenders may be banned permanently.


There will be no user-run bots allowed in any of the DSL public chat channels. In #damnsmalllinux, If you place a bot in one of our channels without prior, you will be asked to remove it. If it is not removed immediately, it will be kicked from the channel, and a ban placed on your IP address for a few hours. If you avoid the ban using proxies Freenode staff will become involved


We don't mind if you tell us about a great find on ebay, or the great deal you found on NewEgg, or even your awesome new whatever you posted on the net, but keep it sane. If you get annoying, you may get kicked, and if you keep doing it, you may find yourself banned. Just try to keep it reasonable. We're usually pretty laid back.


We try to be very laid back in the DSL channels. Lots of lighthearted chatter and discussion. If you come into one of our channels and start throwing a bad attitude around, or act rudely to other users, you may be asked to calm down. Continual abusive behavior will lead to the offending user being kicked, and if it continues, untimately banned. We have no place for rude and obnoxious people in DSL chat. Keep the attitudes under control, and it can be an enjoyable chat experience for all.


Once the general-purpose channel for both general discussion and technical support, #damnsmalllinux is now a tech support-only channel. Feel free to discuss issues that you need help with, make suggestions, say "thank you" or whatever, as long as it has to do with DSL. The server in which #damnsmalllinux is on is For Rule and useage of freenode please go to Freenode's Official Site. you can also access their online Java chat from there.


This Channel no longer exists. All topics are dealt with in #damnsmalllinux

How to use IRC

Some quick commands to get you used to using the IRC

/join <#channelname> This command will allow you to join a channel. /nick <the name you want to use> This will allow you to change your user name. Note you may get a message if the nick you are trying to change to is being used or is already registered or taken.

/PART <#channel> This allows you to leave a channel but not the server.

/QUIT <reason> This command allows you to leave the IRC server the <reason> is optional

/AWAY <reason> (Marks you as 'Away' with the reason given) /AWAY (Un-marks you as 'Away')

There are more niffty commands but they vary from irc client to client. Client is a term used to refer to the program used to connect to an irc server.

Also there are other commands that vary between sever and server (UnrealIRCD verses hyperion)

Tips for IRC

Since 2008 the number of people in #damnsmalllinux has dropped significantly. Because of this there are fewer people to help.

  1. Just because it looks like there are people there because of the user list doesnt always mean that there is someone there all the time to help.
  2. Be patient. Because of the above you may not get an immediate answer.
  3. Dont come in and just say "HELP". State what you need help with. We dont have Dr Xavier's powers and thus we dont know what you need help with. Just say what the problem is.
  4. Dont get upset if you are asked "why damnsmalllinux?". This question is to get a better understanding of what you expect of the distro. It also helps if DSL is not capable of doing what you need that someone could guide you to something better suited to your needs.
    1. For Example: <DSLUSR123>"I was wondering how to install the latest <compiz,graphics driver, or Wine> on DSL?" Well with this question one would have to look at what DSL is based on which is Debian Woody which is version Debian 3.0. Because of the age the dependencies required to have the latest WINE or even some wireless driver requires a newer kernel (2.6 or 3.x) it would require remastering the whole DSL distro to suit your needs. This is a time consuming process and most of the knowlageable people who know how to do this no longer join the IRC chat. Most likely you would get told to look at another distro.
  5. Be curtious to the Ops. Bad mouthing them will lead to a quick and swift kick. Continuation will lead to a ban.
  6. For goodness sakes please dont go mass pinging people (saying all the channels user names) or randomly PM'ing people for help. this will only make people annoyed and less likely to help you. This isnt limited to our channel either.

PROTIP: Google before asking questions. Look at the Wiki for answers. Look at the Forum for answers. Try looking at other linux resources for answers.