Locked Pages

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Why is a page locked?

The reasoning behing locking a page varies depending on what kind of page it is.

Dynamic Pages

All the Category pages, as well as the other dynamic pages, are self-maintaining, and require no user interferance to update the list of pages in that category. See How_To_Use_This_Wiki#Categorization.

Wiki Rules Pages

The Wiki Rules pages (Category:Wiki) exist to help you in your creation of pages. There aren't just a bunch of rules, and they aren't terribly strict, so we do not expect problems with them. if you have an issue with a rule, you can discuss it in that page's Talk page.

DSL Policy Pages

The DSL Policy Pages represent the underlying rules, motives, and standpoints behind Damn Small Linux, DSL Wiki, and the DSL Documentation Project. For the most part, they are static and unmoving. This is the first time that many of these policies have been publicly recorded, but they have always, and will always exist. These are what make Damn Small Linux the great OS that it has become!

What about the front page?

The front page is locked to prevent vandalism, and over crowding of links that users think are needed. Basicly to keep it neat and organized. Make suggestions for and comments about the front page in its Talk page.

Other Locked Pages

From time to time, other pages may get locked for various reasons. The reason may or may not be made public. If the reason is made public, it will be noted on the page.