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The monkey web server is a fast, efficient, small and easy to configure web server.


To start

There are three ways to start the Monkey Server. Either you can call it explicitly through System->Daemons->Monkey Web Server, use the control panel button or the command line with /opt/monkey. Also if you are running a Frugal Install, a Remaster, or a Hard Drive install (look at Installing to the Hard Disk you can add it to you /opt/ so it starts up on reboot (How to do this is outlined in the page.


To add pages and content to your web server add you documents to the /opt/monkey-0.9.2/htdocs file and serve away.

PHP for Monkey

There is a add-on providing PHP support for Monkey because when you're running a web server, you often need to use it. You can get the package for it from the Mydsl repositories at [1], or install it with the MyDSL browser.


Monkey Web Server homepage