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MyDSL is the way that most users will interact with their Damn Small Linux Experience. MyDSL is the software manager for the entire distro. Most of the aspects of MyDSL will be handled through the desktop application or through the ftp/http site[[1]]

myDSL extensions are put together by DSL users independent of the Damn Small Linux project DSL does not warrant the integrity of sources, builds, or files donated

Installing Extensions

As stated above Extensions can be installed by using the ftp site then using the mydsl-load command or through the desktop application. You can also download via browser by right click and select Save As. For best results use wget especially for large files. Check your md5sums.

You can look at the full information a the MyDSL: Installing Extensions page.

Creating MyDSL Extensions

There are multiple ways to create different types of extensions. For example the .uci's are mounted onto the file system so they need to be completely self contained whereas the .dsl are simply added to the file system. A guid to the diffrent pages that control MyDSL Extensions can be found at the Creating MyDSL Extensions page.

New Software

Not every piece of software for the Unix Linux environment is available using the mydsl extensions path but if you think some thing should be added you can request it at the Wanted MyDSL Extensions Page.


Check out this page for many more quite useful tips and tricks and pages.

Known Issues

The MyDSL repository on ibiblio changed severs and IP addresses so the myDSL package manager doesn't always work. you can try a Mirror or downloading the packages manually and using the mydsl-load command. Sorry for the Inconvenience. If you find a work around please let the people on the IRC chat know or edit this wiki page. It would be greatly appreciated.