MyDSL:Acceptable Extension Policy

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The developers of Damn Small Linux created a system to allow community participation in extending the array of applications available beyond those already provided within the 50MB limit through the MyDSL system. It is these additional applications hereby called extensions. Below is the policy regarding submission of said extensions.

Extension Submission

All extension submissions must adhere to the following rules:

  • Send your extension package to (extensions[at]damnsmalllinux[dot]org). If it is too bulky for delivery thru your email provider, send a request for temporary ftp access. Please provide a complete MyDSL package, which should include the loadable extension (in a standard .dsl, .tar.gz, or .uci format), an info file, and an md5.txt file. (md5sum)
  • The info file must use the template provided and must be complete.
  • The info file must give us the location of the "source" of this application. Source being defined here as a "known location of origin". If the application being submitted was compiled from source code, then the source code actually used to build the application can be submitted with the extension, or the exact version number and a location where it is available for download must be clearly stated in the info file. Include your ./configure file, and Makefile alongside the extension.
  • Tested against the liveCD with the base and norestore options. Should it require additional libraries, then use the pre-exisiting and tested ones already provided in the repository, and document this need in the submitted info file. (i.e. "Requires tcltk8.4.dsl", "Requires python.tar.gz", etc.)
  • Shell wrappers are allowed to faciliate the setup environment for the application as long as it does not overwrite core functions within the base .iso, or impact other extensions or resident applications. Custom code or scripts outside this range are not accepted and will be removed or discarded as deemed necessary by the extension manager and/or developers.
  • Any submission may be denied admission into the MyDSL repository at our discretion. Reasons may include items incomplete, personalized, semi-functional, or deviant from known repositories and sources.

Tests Performed

All submissions are subject to the following tests and procedures to ensure the integrity of the extension:

  • Inspection for compliance of the above rules
  • Verification of "source" as defined above, including md5 checksums of the original application as provided to other distributions, i.e., debs, rpms, etc.
  • Rebuilding, replacing, or recompiling for security, safety to core components, or added benefit to the userbase from the variety of methods for handling, launching, or executing of extensions as determined/decided by TeamDSL. ( i.e. menu options, icon support, lib support, extension type, and ram savings.)


These polices are not only to protect the user community from being harmed by rogue code, but also to comply with the Free Software Foundation policy for distributing open source applications made available to the public.

Thank you for your cooperation and contribution.