MyDSL:Unofficial Packages

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MyDSL packages not provided in the official MyDSL Repository or the MyDSL Testing Area are not supported, nor should they be documented, referred, or linked to in DSL Wiki. Such packages that are not provided through the official repository have not been tested or approved for use with Damn Small Linux, are not supported, and may cause damage to your system. We recommend that you not use such packages before they are submitted, tested, reviewed, and approved by the DSL Team. Links and references to unofficial packages should be reomved when found.

That being said, you may link to external packages from reputable sites, such as the Debian Apt repositories or an application's home page. Links to utilities, such as the rawwrite and md5sum utilities for Windows are also fine, provided that the utilities are well-reputable and freely downloadable/distributable. The Wiki moderators are the final say on which sites are reputable, and which are not. But linking to a package on your private ftp site is not allowed.

Also, linking to "hacked" or "cracked" versions of non-free software is expressly forbidden and will result in the immediate blocking of the offender's ability to edit wiki pages, based on IP address.