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San Disk Cruzers

San Disk Cruzer drives are a special case, and the built in software "CD Emulation" must be turned off.

  • Thanks for that! I'll add it to the main content, under the "Requirements" section. In the future, just jump in and put it in the main wiki page rather than the discussion. If you make a username or leave an email addy, other users can ask you for further details, too. Cheers - dentonlt 2 January 2009 08:26 (UTC)

I own two such drives. I don't know what you are referring to or how to turn it off. The U3 drives often come up with an emulated CD drive but that is easily done away with, any other cruzer (such as my cruzer micro 4.0GB) doesn't have the U3 stuff. 12 February 2009 22:00 (UTC) NOTE: This post was made prior to my having a user account and is mine. GuitarMan666 18 February 2009 05:20 (UTC)


Works fine using the .iso and using Qemu to boot inside Windows. Oddly, it connected straight through my wireless card, although this was not detected. Is there a network bridge built into Qemu?