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Lazy man's install for laptops without CDROM


I have installed on a old Toshiba Satellite 100CS (P1 75Mhz 24MB RAM and 520MB Harddisk) with the below method. I called it the lazy man's install as I was to lazy to set up ftp or http and install off a network drive.

Here is the method I used:

-Download the boot floppy and DSL ISO -Purchase or borrow an empty 2.5" USB portable harddrive casing (20 euro). -Remove the harddisk from the laptop and plug it into the casing -Attach it to a PC -partition the harddisk in 3 parts:

 hda1 swap (in my case 50MB)
 hda2 ext2 (in my case 300MB)
 hda3 ext2 (in may case 170MB)

-Copy the DSL ISO contents to hda3 -install the harddrive in the laptop -boot from the boot floppy with the install command

It will automatically find the "cd" in hda3 when asked for the harddisk install partition type hda2

follow the installation steps and you're done

cheers Mico

Is this install debian or frugal?