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Would be nice to elaborate some more on

  • the pourpouse and
  • the advantages

of such an install.  :)

Only one, as it says: "maintenance", in particular "fsck of the root partition"; in Ubuntu, you cannot run fsck of the root partition normally, since, well, you're using it - and so you cannot unmount it either. You can set fsck to run at next boot, but maybe you'd like to run it manually. You can also boot a LiveCD or LiveUSB to do fsck of root partition - but maybe at the moment you do not have a live CD or USB; so then, a good thing would be to have something on your hard drive that could be used for maintenance (if say there are problems with root partition, but root partition can still boot). There is Ubuntu single-user mode meant to be user for maintenance, but that mounts root partition also, so you cannot run fsck in it either :) ... Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to work under Grub 2. Sdaau 5 June 2010 10:15 (UTC)