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I'd be grateful if someone checked this page for accuracy. In particular:

Do timezones really work for all of the non-US zones containted in /usr/share/zoneinfo? I'm using tz=Europe/London utc, and that works fine, but the GMT zone is a special case.

Perhaps someone could add a more detailed explanation of offsets, giving both 'best practice' and 'reasonable compromises' (for when DSL shares a computer with other OSs). A word might be good on 'why care'? Assuming I live in Paris or Seattle, what will it mess up if I leave my timezone at the default US/EST?

I myself only changed it when I was using the unix 'date' command to timestamp my notes in vim, and it always showed EST, which my subconscious mind rebelled at, since I'm a US west-coaster, living in the UK. It was an aesthetic thing. It would be nice, and in the interests of internationalization to make this as easy as possible. Perhaps we should even include a mini GUI app to help you select the right bootoptions.

It would be useful for those of us who are novice *nux users to include a discussion on how to use timezones not available on the LiveCD. I live in Australia and am currently researching how to set the timezone, and this would be a useful place to find the information.