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Q: writing to HD

-Maybe this is a dumb question but...After I boot up Linux and i start playing with it will it save files on to my hardrive or the Flash Drive? Only reason i ask this is because my dads a freak about our PC and doesnt want Linux anywhere near our hardrive. (, Oct 2008)

  • Short answer: DSL won't write to your hard drive unless you tell it to. Hope you have since figured out what to do about Getting Help. dentonlt 13 January 2009 05:56 (UTC)

redundant, out-of-place

I've commented out a few sections (installation/localization, storing DSL files, etc.) b/c those don't seem to belong on this page. If you disagree ... uncomment them and make them relevant to this page. dentonlt 13 January 2009 06:17 (UTC)