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Stuff I'd like to have in DSL Linux

This is a somewhat different list from the one with stuff I struggle with..

  • I would like to have a pdf printer, for example for printing web pages

Various topics I learn about

Stuff I struggle with

I'll just list up stuff I struggle with here. Maybe the list will have stuff relevant to other DSL users. I mean in the sense that some of the issues could be good to have pages about here in the DSL Wiki. I must admit, however, that I'm not sure about the policies here, yet, and so don't know all about the creation of new pages. Since I'm not too good at being organized, this list is also going to help me keep an overview over my DSL obstacles I run into. I can perhaps put in some links in the text, to solutions I find, and so I can come back and find solutions later, when I've maybe forgotten what the solutions were. If some solution isn't already found right here in the wiki, I hope it will be in the future.

  • Please mount media containing optional dir and try again.
    I can't mount jre. It worked the other day, though. Now it absolutely refuses to mount, even after several attempts in a row (mounting often doesn't work for me the first time, but does the second time)
  • The normal Exit method doesn't work
    I've counted more than 22 times failing (in one attempt at shutting down the computer, that is) (some error message comes up that I can't remember). Eventually I edited the menu so that Exit instead uses the shutdown command, to either shutdown or reboot. Works flawless. But that's not the standard way, or how it's intended to be done.

Presentation (of sorts)

I like Damn Small Linux. Not that I have a lot of knowledge of Linux, operating systems, or any of this computer stuff. But I like it all, anyway. The reason I'm using DSL is that I've got a Pentium II computer with 266 megahertz (not quite sure how much RAM, frankly). In part this is because I can't afford a new computer, and in part it's because I like old computers. I'm dual-booting with Windows 95, by the way (which is what this computer of mine came with when I bought it used from someone a couple of years ago). Absolutely am I not one of your more religious Linux fans. I'm keeping Windows 95 because in many ways is it better than DSL. It does things DSL doesn't do (or at least things I'm not able, with my limited skills and knowledge, to get DSL to do). Some of the things both of these operating systems do, or things that are fairly similar that they do, Windows 95 does faster and better. On the other hand, DSL clearly does some important stuff on this computer that Windows 95 simply doesn't do at all.

That's, however, not the main reason I like DSL (I could probably replace Windows 95 with Windows 98 SE and get it working pretty well compared to what I get with DSL). Why I like DSL, and Linux in general, is that it's fun, exciting. It feels interesting and good to own a computer when I'm using Linux. For me, that's not really the case when I'm using Windows (or I liked Windows 3.11 fairly ok, I guess, but still not as much as Linux). Using Windows is not even in the same ballpark, as they say, as how much of a likeable experience it is using Linux. I'm enthusiastic when I use Linux. Windows, on the other hand, sort of just feels like it's in my way, in some way. I've summed up to myself my perception of Windows and Linux thus: Windows works, but Linux is fun. Yes, Linux works, too. For many things. I also own a couple of other computers, with Pentium III processors (500 megahertz) that I use Windows XP on, and dual-boot with Xubuntu on one of them. I've tried out a couple of Linuxes, and my impression, as a person with not much computer skills, is that these are generally lacking in one or several important areas, and are going to simply fall apart now and then. Xubuntu is holding together fairly well, however. So I'm not a fanatic type Linuxian (in my experience, these do exist). But I enjoy using Linux. Which I'm doing right now, by the way (DSL, to be more precise).

I've never really tried Mac os-es. I also don't know anything about any os-es that require new computers, actually. So I've never tried the newest Mac os-es, as mentioed, and also know absolutely nothing about the more powerful versions of neither Linux nor Windows. I'm sure I'm missing out on a lot of exciting stuff.

In the future, I'm thinking Minix is going to be nice (I understand it's still just in Alpha version, or what it's called).

Another thing I'm enthusiastic about, is using the computer without any graphical user interface, as it's called. For example not booting up the actual Windows 95, but instead using the computer only with the DOS command line interface. That's great! Or sometimes booting DSL in text only mode. I like that simplicity. And, I guess, that it's like I remember computers from when I was little. I'm pretty nostalgic about many things.

Anyway, why I signed up here in the DSL Wiki is because I hope to be able to take the liberty, if I may, to try and collect pieces of information together in pages. Frankly, I don't at all like forums as information bases, or such. I've tried looking for information on some of the stuff I'm struggling with in DSL, but it seems one is often left with the forums for finding the relevant info. According to my taste, wikis are fairly perfect for collecting information. Forums are for discussion and talking, communication. Wikis make far superior information bases.

And, lastly, I want to mention that I can go on talking. In case you didn't notice. Well, this is my page, though, isn't it. Suppose here I'm allowed.