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Newbie in regards to DSL Still struggling to create .dsl from source and then create a .unc. Having problems finding the right info. I have managed to compile partimage [1] and also nmap with nmapfe, but lack the knowledge to "build" these apps into .dsl and .unc. Will struggle on though....

Hi, Ben. I am the wikimaster. Welcome to DSL. Have you seen this page? The making a dsl page is relatively new, and needs touching up, but the .tar.gz page is complete, tried, and true.

A .dsl and a .tar.gz are almost the same thing. So, if you know how to make a .tar.gz, you know how to make a .dsl. The only difference is that if you name it .dsl, you can place the program's files anywhere, but a .tar.gz can only write it's files into /opt, /tmp, and /home.

Sorry about the mess. I don't think we have any professional writers.

--Winter Knight March 5, 2007