Using DSL Behind a Proxy Server

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For those of you who need to get DSL working from behind your company's proxy server, here's what worked for me......

edit the .bash_profile file in the /home/dsl directory (it's a hidden file, so if you're using emelfm, then you'll need to click on the "H" button to find it) add these two lines after the first "export" statement in the file

       export http_proxy=''
       export ftp_proxy=''

save the file.

When you shut down the system the new version of the file will be written to the backup file, next time you reboot it will all be set for you.

If you want it to run immeadiately without rebooting, then exit the Window Manager and type .bash_profile from the prompt and hit enter.

Now all the mydsl panel applications will work and you can apt-get manually to your heart's desire. Loading that flash plugin off the menu is a breeze....

Note that adding the lines into /opt/ didn't work for me. I think it's because when that gets processed the logged in user is "root", whereas when .bash_profile gets processed the system is logged in under the "dsl" user.

Unfortunately, Firefox doesn't use this environment variable, so you still have to set up the proxy definition seperately in Firefox itself.

Hope this helps others who are in the same situation I was in....

With dsl 4.0rc2, /home/dsl/.bash_profile (using automatic X-windows login) failed to set the variable. However, placing the statement in /etc/profile worked great.