Using Installed MyDSL Extensions

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Using an Installed MyDSL Extension is generally very simple.

As part of a successful installation, a properly-configured myDSL extension will do one or more of the following:

  1. Add an icon for the extension on the desktop.
  2. Add a menu item in the "Start" menu in a special top-level menu (right-click on desktop).
  3. Add the top-level menu "myDSL" (or something similar) if the extension is the first to install.
  4. Do nothing obvious (in very rare, and very-well documented cases (e.g., video card drivers)).

Executing from a desktop icon

In this case, simply click on the desktop icon to begin using the installed MyDSL Extension.

Executing from the "Start" menu

Step 1) Right-click on the desktop to bring up the "start" menu. Step 2) Scroll through the top-level menu until you reach "myDSL" or something similarly named. (N.B. It is often the very first top-level menu item.) Step 3) Access the top-level menu sub-menu "myDSL" (or whatever it was called). Your installed extension should appear in a list in this sub-menu. Step 4) Click on your extension to begin.

If You Can't Find Your Program

  1. Check the MD5 hash.
  2. Check the info file.
  3. Check the .dsl file.
  4. Review the instructions at Installing MyDSL Extensions.

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