Windows Autorun and QEMU Mod

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Modifications for v 3.2 Embedded

This is a couple of possible mods:

  • setting up autorun on a USB stick so that Windows auto-boots DSL via QEMU
  • Setting up autorun to auto-start a VNC client

These were carried out on v3.2 Embedded.

The Modifications

After installation I added autorun.inf penguin.ico /USB /tightvnc

Trying to run the in my distro did not work I had to modify the file (it was setup for a second drive and qemu did not exist in the download)

Here are some configuration settings that I found I had to modify after the installation. I also created an autorun.inf that works flawlessly with this. The autorun.inf file is also configured for use of TightVNC if the folder tightvnc is created at the root of the drive. I also created a context link to the folder USB.

  • autorun.inf
  label=Damn Small Linux
  action=Run Damn Small Linux in qemu
  shell\vncviewer=Run the VNC Viewer Application
  shell\tightvnc=Run the TightVNC Server Installation
  shell\usbfolder\command="explorer.exe USB\"
  shell\usbfolder=Open the USB folder in Windows Explorer

This next file I modified and paired up with the windows equivalent so you do not have to answer the questions every boot. Some people might find the -m 256 beyond and should change as needed.

   qemu/qemu -L qemu/ -no-kqemu -soundhw sb16 -m 256 -localtime \
      -kernel linux24 -initrd minirt24.gz -hda KNOPPIX/KNOPPIX \
      -append "qemu vga=791 quiet noscsi nousb nofirewire atapicd noideraid \
       noacpi acpi=off noapm noagp ide1=noprobe ide2=noprobe nomce frugal"

You must also download qemu and copy these files to the qemu dir on the usb drive.

  • qemu
  • qemu-img
  • qemu-i386

If you wish to use the rest of the context menu I've created, download the TightVNC installer, vncviewer and put them in a \tightvnc.

At this point I made all of the damn small linux files hidden and hid the TightVNC, USB folders. Its a low level of security but works nicely. To use anything you just right click the drive in My Computer. =)