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Patience is worth it.

Found out DSL for my just secondhand bought laptop.
Windows worked fine on it, but it is very slow.
I searched the internet with my friend, Google, and found out Damn Small Linux. Yes, it is incredibly small and much of linux.

Now I'm trying to install DSL. First downloaded the iso, went fine. Thanks to all these mirrors, which makes downloading via FTP a lot faster. HeaNET (Netherlands) rule.
Thanks to Nero, which smootly installed the iso.

The laptop is a very rare and special thing. And at the same time, very common and normal. It is brandless. The irritating thing about this, no site on the inet mentions this laptop. The top says "Ision" the bottom "Multimedia Notebook." Nevertheless, it is a great thing. Just 200 Mhz of raw horsepower, reliable 80 MB Memory, and even 16 MB onboard (which is very fast). A stunning 2 GB harddisk, for ultimate file storage. Well, it screws, but it is made in 1995 so NOH!

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