The DSL $1 Challenge*

Thank you for looking at this page!

You are in a special category just by being here! The percentage of DSL users who see this page is just over 2%. A very small subset of that actually gives -- I am averaging a $1 in donations for every 577 downloads. So, even if you don't choose to contribute I want to personally thank you for your consideration.

The $1 challenge is quite simple. If you use DSL and like it, please consider giving a $1.

For a one time donation please use the links below.

Via PayPal:

Or Venmo, here is the link.

Automatic monthly contributions are also possible.

While many in the DSL community have been very generous, it is apparent that a more realistic goal is 0.1%. I'd like to thank those who have helped us out.

Thank you very much for your support!