Built in printer support
ghostscript driver

Do you have a CUPS question?

HP LaserJet 1100 - DSL embedded

An help wanted on installing Canon LBP2900
04a9:2676 cndrvcups-capt_1.60-1_i386.deb

Turn DSL box in print server
Turn DSL box in print server

HP Laserjet 3100 or 3150

Step by step how to for Officejet 6310?

built in printer configuration
im having problem setting up my printer

How to save printer settings (frugal)

Where to put "/usr/sbin/lpd"
Where does it go?

Procedure for setting up the printer

using a printer on my other pc with ubunturse
printing over a network

What is the FULL procedure printing?  (frugal)
I'm missing something

HELP!  How do I reset the printer settings?
How do I start from scratch?

HELP!  Printer settings not retained!
I keep having to set things up again!

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