DSL Tips and Tricks

commands from web

DSL based BACKUP/RESTORE solution
using 2 DSL installs or a remastered CD

kernel sources and headers

compiling drivers
hints, tips, and tricks

DSL memory footprint?
comparing DSL versions

Getting 4.4.10 to Function
DSL after 90 days

DSL Implementation Notes
Linux 2.4.31 up in 30 days (!)

autohide wmix
autohide wmix

DSC-II or Damn Small Capio II
DSL on a Capio II thin client

Swap Partition
Is It ON??

Accidental UCI Install

DSL "lan install"
How i can install from lan ?

dsl user password
Password lost, as root i can change it ?

Saving printer settings (frugal)

First use of Damn Small Linux
Booting, rescuing files, printing, etc.

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